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[REVIEW] TheTieBar: a review in short.

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    [REVIEW] TheTieBar: a review in short.

    Hey Dappered-ites. I decided to order a few ties from The Tie Bar a few weeks ago and I thought that I'd share my impressions with the forum.

    The quality of the ties is surprisingly good for $15. I would not put them on par with my ties from Brooks Brothers, Marshall Fields, Charles Tyrwhitt, and etc. They are about on par with the unbranded silk ties that I have from Vietnam. The real value in The Tie Bar is that it carries a great variety of ties. I was able to order ties with unique textures and materials that are normally difficult to find.

    I've since ordered a few more ties and tie bars.

    I stuck with solid colors because my existing tie collection mostly consists of patterns, stripes, etc. Here are the ties that I ordered:

    2.5" Skinny Wool in Wine

    2.5" Skinny Wool/Silk in Burgundy (I wish that I had purchased the 3" width.)

    2.75" Knit Silk in Navy:

    2.75" Knit Silk in Red:

    3" Grenafaux Silk tie in Midnight Navy:

    Tie bars:

    Intrigue Matte 1.5":

    Brushed Straight Silver 2":

    Silver Onyx 1 7/8":

    Silver Shot 2.25":


    I ordered a tie last month and will be ordering a lot more soon. Very impressed!



      I've been very happy with the cotton and linen ties & pocket squares I've picked up. Perfect for summer. I plan to try some of their knit ties and tie bars next order. $8-$12 for pocket squares seems to be the sweet/reasonable spot for me.



        The grenafaux in navy was a solid choice. Same with the knit silk in red - I like that kind of deep red.

        I've asked Joe for it, but I'd really like a post on "The 15 Most Essential Ties" or something along those lines.



          Nicholas, I can offer the "15 most essential ties" in my opinion, if that would help. There was a time in my life where I had to wear a tie to work every day of the week.

          I was able to pick out a few ties that were non-essential because I've amassed a rather large collection.



            @Nicholas @Bruschetta .. Maybe it's time for a community post going on 15 Essential ties or something using Tiebar, Knottery or one of the not so expensive options (Yes Eton ties are gorgeous, no I cannot spend $125 on 1 tie!)



              @pratyk I second that.



                For the price they are better than good, they are great. Also, keep in mind that only 2 (I'm almost positive on that number, could be 3) mills in the world produce knit ties. So no matter the price, they are always going to be similar quality. Thus, a $15 knit to from thetiebar is going to be similar in quality to a knit tie from any high end producer.

                "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano








                    I'll fourth that. First tie on the list. Navy knit tie.





                      I've heard this before, but can you go into more detail on this. I'm not necessarily doubting you, but that just seems strange that they would all come from the same place. The tie bar, LEC ties, and the Knottery all have fairly cheap, unique knit ties. Seems weird that they are all made in the same place.



                        I read this quite some time ago. I will search for the article. It should be noted, that article was specific to silk knit ties. From what I remember it had something to do with the use of older machinery that just isn't made anymore and thus is not profitable for other companies to get involved with it. I suppose that could have changed by now.

                        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                          pratyk, excellent idea!



                            Slightly off-topic but related to TheTieBar ties specifically: length on these ties is 58". I have some 58" ties and they are very close to being too long for me (5'9). With a higher-waist pant than what I am currently wearing, I could not tie a four-in-hand and have a 58" tie at the correct length without the other end of the tie being too long.

                            Larger knots obviously help, but I am a small guy to begin with and can't pull off big knots well.

                            Love these ties though (and the price...) - what to do? Tuck the narrow end into my shirt?



                              There are lots of knots that use up more of the tie without jumping to a double Windsor. Have you tried the Kelvin or Nicky knots?