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Having trouble ordering online for a Tall & Slim guy. Any Tips?

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    Having trouble ordering online for a Tall & Slim guy. Any Tips?

    I'm in the process of upgrading my wardrobe, but I need to order most (if not all) of my items online due to my work location (Kuwait) and need to get my sizing right the first time because returning pieces of clothing through the mail from here is a long and painful process.

    I'm 6'4" and around 205 lbs, not particularly fit or unfit just average build. Due to my height / long arms and slim chest I feel like I'm stuck with either buying something too short in the sleeves or too large in the chest to be slim fitting. I pretty much have to go for the Tall size on everything but sometimes there is a piece I want that the tall size just isn't offered in.

    So my neck size is 17.5 my sleeve length is 37.5 and my chest size is 42

    Let's use a cardigan for an example:

    a classic

    my options are either L or XL

    Neck Chest Sleeve

    L 16 - 42 - 34 1/2

    16 1/2- 44 - 35

    XL 17- 46 - 35 1/2

    17 1/2- 48 - 36

    If I go with a large I'm getting the right chest size but probably will end up with sleeves that are too short, and if I go with XL the sleeves are perfect but my chest will probably be swimming in it.

    If I just go find a big & tall sized cardigan of similar style in a Tall size, these are the options: e& products%2Fbig-and-tall-cardigan-sweater.jsp

    Neck Chest Sleeve

    L 16-16 1/2 41-44 36 1/2

    XL 17 -17 1/2 45-48 37

    The sizes aren't too bad here, a Tall Large could get me the proper chest size and only an inch short on the sleeve which might be doable. However the price different is almost always more expensive, in this case we're talking $35 vs. $80...

    So how do you get an affordable wardrobe (buying mostly online) with a difficult size like mine, any thoughts? Thanks!


    Xl and a good tailor to take in the chest / body.

    6'3", 180 here. Always order larges, even though I have a 32" waist and a 40" chest.



      I have done that with a few dress shirts so far, bought XL Tall and had it slimmed down at the tailor but would a tailor be able to alter a chest size on something like a cardigan? I just don't have much experience utilizing a decent tailor.



        Do you have a photo of yourself in your best-fitting shirt? I say that just to confirm what we're talking about as a good fit.

        What's the neck and sleeve of that shirt, too. Many times, you have to compromise with things, but I would aim for the chest fitting right then roll sleeves, etc. For some of the essentials, though, you have to spend full retail sometimes to get what you need or wait a while for a sale to come along.