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first new shoes in a couple years, AE Maritimes

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  • first new shoes in a couple years, AE Maritimes

    I just got a pair of shoes! I paid $97 or so for a pair of Clearance'd Maritimes. These were to replace my old Gold Cup Sperry's. I think I paid like $130 for the Sperry's (but at the beginning of the season whatever year I got them yada yada...).

    The mileage I got out of the Sperry Gold Cup shoes was immense. I wore them to a very casual wedding, I wore them to work a couple days a week all summer for a few years, and I've even worn them working on my new house on those very hottest of summer days this summer. I've had great luck with them. Unfortunately when I took them out of the closet this April for their spring/summerly duties, it was clear they were quite long in the tooth, and may not get through the summer.

    I had been saving money for a house for a couple years, and basically not buying ANY clothes. Just coasting on what I bought in 2014-2016 mostly. At some point I bought a couple pairs of pants to replace some worn out ones, but that was it.

    I saw these on sale on the AE site and bam. The quality is super nice i really like them. The Chromexel leather is just super super buttery and amazing. They are WAY WAY nicer than the Sperry's. I did have to shorten the laces a little, which was not a big deal. Highly Recommended.

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    This is one of the best Sperry ads I've ever seen! It's good that you got so much use out of those shoes. I have a pair of Red Wing Pecos boots (remember, I'm in Texas, so style is different down here, and I embrace parts of it) that I've had since 1994. The heads of the nails holding the heel onto the...part where the heel goes...have worn down and I'm pretty sure the cork between the insole and the midsole is microscopically thin, but I can't imagine not having them in the rotation.

    Enjoy the AEs!


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      Nice to see AE Maritimes getting some love here! Amusingly, I stumbled upon this thread while wearing literally the same shoe (Maritime in burgundy). I love them so much. I haven't quite finished breaking them in, but if they end up anything like the tan/natural Maritimes I bought earlier this year, I'll be one happy camper. Congrats on the purchase! Hard to see a better boat shoe being available anywhere for under $100 (or for under $150-$200 for that matter).


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        dang, wish i saw these when my size was still in stock