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Why are fit pics headless - article

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    Why are fit pics headless - article

    Read this article over on Die, Workwear of all places, and it blew my mind. Almost like seeing behind the source code of the matrix. Really interesting perspective, and of course I thought of Dappered/Joe since all his pics are headless.

    After the pretty extensive background on Oscar Wilde, none of which I knew (overall skippable though since it is very extensive), it gets into the thesis that clothes are still not considered very masculine which permeates most of the conversations around them online. Essentially, liking clothes still kinda has a homosexual connotation, so to avoid outing themselves, men post headless fit pics. The language in posts get masculanized too, outfit pictures -> fit pics, shopping -> pull the trigger, etc. None of it is done out of homophobia, just a result of a culture with systematic connotations.

    I can certainly verify that liking clothes is still considered somewhat homosexual. Growing up I got called all kinds of things for dressing the way I did. Being a single male who dresses well and likes decorating, I am certain some of my coworkers have ideas about my preferences. It doesnt bother me in the slightest however.

    I have an abysmally successful style-gram (@darkivy666) created to meld two things I like since I saw a hole in the market. I post my face, and never really even considered cropping it out. I am now realizing that my apathy to having my sexuality misinterpreted is probably the root of this.

    Wanted to share this since I found it so interesting, and open up a discussion.

    I dont post face pics on any forums for privacy sake. I dont use my real name on any forums either. Occasionally in PMs with someone I have something of a relationship with beyond basic forum posts.

    I also read that faces can distract from fit or create unintentional biases. Basically, good looking people got more "fits good" comments than less attractive people, regardless of actual fit. People want to be liked by attractive people. Its a basic inherent reaction. There are studies that show attractive people are better payed as well. With all that said, I think there is some merit to the main assumption of the article. I get plenty of metro or homosexual references when I talk about clothes or watches. I dont really care, as I am comfortable with myself and dont see homosexuality as an insult but I can see how it would still impact some peoples decisions. I think we have come a long way since Oscar Wilde's situation, but we arent totally past negative connotations.


      I think there is a lot of truth to the notion that men who are really passionate about style/menswear nevertheless want some degree of plausible deniability/anonymity when it comes to actually sharing about that enthusiasm with others. And I think that desire to somehow maintain a plausible arms-length distance from your enthusiasm for clothing and personal appearance-related interests/hobbies comes down to long-standing social norms regarding masculinity. Preening and posing and generally showing any but the most cursory attention to your outward appearance are considered feminine and/or unmasculine traits and, since male subversion of convention masculinity is so closely tied into stereotypes regarding homosexuality, can raise questions about sexuality and identity that many men (including gay and queer men!!!) would prefer to avoid.

      That's not to say that men hide their faces in WIWT pics because they are homophobic or even that they hide their faces in WIWT pics because they are insecure in their sexuality/identity. For the record, I've shown my face in a few WIWT pics but the overwhelming majority are headless, which I have rationalized to myself for some of the same reasons mentioned by [MENTION=12021]idvsego[/MENTION] above about not wanting to distract from the outfit and etc. But I also think it's undeniable that men's inclination toward anonymity in these types of settings, and our insistence that we care about our style and appearance but not too much because caring too much is somehow inherently problematic for some unspoken reason (and who decides where the line is between the right and wrong amounts of caring, anyway), is undoubtedly tied up to some degree in social norms about what is and is not appropriately masculine behavior.

      After all, you (and by you I mean the broad figurative "you" which includes me as well) probably wouldn't care about being anonymous in this type of setting unless you thought there was something embarrassing or shameful about being known to care so much, to spend so much time and resources, on stuff that is arguably completely superficial.


        I don't post pictures of my face mostly for privacy sake. Once on the internet, always on the internet. I don't think I've ever considered that I hide my face out of a feeling of shame or "not being masculine" but rather, my face isn't the thing I'm trying to emphasize if I'm posting about clothing. It's the clothing. But that is an interesting take on it though and one that I have to say, I would never have thought of.


          I made a conscience decision to use my real name and post my face in some WIWT pics. It me think before posting because anonymity allows you to post shitty things without regret to an extent. I've never questioned masculinity about it either.

          I guess the real reason is that I end up taking most of my own pics and I don't think people care about my face when trying to take an outfit selfie.

          EDIT: Also anything I post here I would be willing to say to someones face.



            My kids used to ask me if I was changing my sexual preference when I used to spend many Saturday mornings watching "What Not to Wear."

            I think my reason for posting headless photos is because that is what everyone else does. Also, the forum is about clothing, not about faces. And, sometimes we are posting photos that are expressing a lack of confidence in the clothing we are wearing; if I'm not sure the fit or color or whatever is good, I don't want to have my face in it online.

            Almost all my face book pictures show my face, and all my friends, family, and business associates are aware of my shoe obsession.

            Jeez, in this day and age, and the place I live, just about the last thing I worry about is what somebody thinks my sexual orientation is. I wish everyone could stop worrying about that. The world would be a better place.


              Glad to spark such good conversation.

              To those who say they like the anonymity or the post is about clothes, not faces, compare it against women's style posts as the article mentions. I see a ton of faces scrolling through women's fit pics.
              I think the article points to this trend being subconscious too, not that anyone is intentionally posting in this manner.

              That's too funny about "what not to wear" I used to watch that show all the time too haha.


                I don't post my pic or names in knive, flashlight, car audio, jeep or hiking forums I am in either. The facebook groups that are attached to my real name already have my face on them so whatever on those. I am not really hiding myself from the people on here but if my boss where to be like "I see IDvsEGO on forums all day long" it doesn't impact me. If they say "Hey, I recognize that dude and he likes to sleep in the woods like a transient and carries a weapon all day every day" that might. Well, not my current boss, but you get the picture. This forum is actually the one I worry about the LEAST because anybody that meets me knows about this interest.

                Of course, I also never post fit pics so maybe I am not the most relevant opinion lol.


                  I don't post my face because I have a stupid face.


                    I've always thought it was due to some inherent dissonance I have with how classist the idea of style and fashion is and compounding how that's problematic for me with what is shameless exhibitionism. Don't get me wrong I enjoy all it, and I also really have no problem with showing your face if you want-you do you baby. I just can never really shake the feeling that we enthusiasts are just perpetuating a consumerist ideology that alienates the poor- so having to also see how satisfied someone is with themselves and there ornamentation initially just causes my "Fuck You stranger on the internet" alarm to go off. So I guess that's probably why I don't show my face.

                    It's never really been an orientation or gender thing for me. I follow quite a few more women's wear blogs than men's. In reality I only look at dappered and menswear musings for men's clothing.

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                      Not all men's style photos have to be headless though.

                      IMG_0548 by Armed Ferret, on Flickr


                        That bear is giving you the "Eff Me"daggers.


                          Originally posted by MediumTex View Post
                          I don't post my face because I have a stupid face.
                          Same here. As soon as a chin sprouts out of my neck, ya’ll can see my face.


                            I just don't want my face to end up everywhere on the internet, being used for who knows.

                            I wear these things in real life obviously I don't care if people (read: guys) think I'm gay or feminim.


                              Originally posted by Shade View Post
                              That bear is giving you the "Eff Me"daggers.
                              Chicks dig the horse mask. Makes 'em wonder....

                              (some of the things I heard from the ladies clearly rolling at EDC this year were....well oh my gracious the things kids say these days)