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What brand do I need to check a jacket or blazer for a skinny guy?

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    I have the Bonobos one above that Joe often crows about. I am 5’7 and 155 and it fits me well, better than Ludlow tends to. But ymmv.


      I have very similar measurements (5'7", 125 lbs, 14.5/32 and 28/30). Your best bets are J Crew (36s or 34), *maybe* Banana Republic in 36s or 34 (their sizing seems to be pretty inconsistent), Bonobos (again, 36s or 34), and SuitSupply (32), although I find their dimensions weird (jacket is fine, but pants are too tight in some places, too loose in others). He may still need to get the jackets taken in for some of these brands.

      Many of the brands mentioned above (Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers, etc.) fit like tents on me, so if those are his measurements, I would steer clear. Spier & Mackay was fine in the shoulders for me, had to get the jacket taken in, but the pants were super baggy. J Crew/Bonobos and possibly SuitSupply are probably your best bets IMHO.


        Hi. If you can get him past any feelings of emasculation, you might find the answer in the boys' section. I'm 5'4" but with similar measurements -other than a shorter leg - and have had several boys suits from Ralph Lauren, Hickey Freeman, Brooks Brothers etc. Things to watch for are: shoulders (obviously), sleeve length being too short, incongruously baggy trousers, and tiny pockets in the trousers (though this does prevent them being overloaded and ruining their neat look). I live in England and have found boys suits in US clearance sales that were cheaper than small mens suits on our High Street even with the addition of taxes and shipping costs. I was running the risk of pretty expensive return shipping if things didn't fit but found the sizing guides to be of reasonable use, so this may be an option for you.

        I'm new here, so please accept my apologies if this isn't the done thing but here is a pretty interesting video on the topic from a guy who is (I think) about 5'8"


 gets in suitsupply wares at a discount; most are display items in new, never-worn, still-with-tags condition. Occasionally he gets a used item or two. He frequently gets the 36S range though, so check there. Spier and Mackay also do 36S in most of their kit.

          If he's not opposed to made-to-measure, I can personally recommend the hell out of Alton Lane and Black Lapel, although both will be significantly steeper in price than the two I already mentioned. They are absolutely WORTH IT, but as this site is oriented more toward budget-friendly options, Spier and Suitreview/Suitsupply will work great. Once he gets his measurements he can also get on ebay, grailed, and other similar sites to see what's available there.


            Originally posted by gamelove View Post
            I wasn't sure if the nordstrom brand is good value but I will check it as well.
            The Nordstrom’s SmartCare shirts are some of the best bang-for-your-buck shirts available, in my opinion. They can be found on sale (especially now) for about $40 on occasion.
            If you’d like to just get started with some decent shirts at a lower price point, check out Charles Tyrwhitt (I always misspell the last name). Google their 3 for $99 deal. Excellent value there too.
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              Originally posted by Sportocasin View Post
              Brooks Brothers carries jackets in size 36 and they have a slim (Milano) fit.
              I'd almost forgot about this, good reminder.

              Their Milano is a *REALLY* slim fit. As in, I'm a 38R in most, but can get away with slight tailoring to take in a couple spots on Bonobos' 40R slim. A Milano fit 40R is ALMOST in need of being ever-so-slightly let out on me.

              It's *REALLY* slim. So if he's borderline needing a 36 taken in at all, that may be a good spot to look.


                Thanks for all of your great advice. I will dig a bit more and once I find something that fits him and doesn't break the bank account, I will get back here to report so I can help others as well xD
                Also, I hope this threads keeping alive so other skinny guys can get some awesome ideas from all of you.


                  I personally like the fit of BB jackets.


                    I can’t help but feel that the response that the Jcrew fits well on the shoulders has been missed.

                    If that’s the case then you probably just need some assistance in working out if the jackets can be tailored enough to get a fit you like.

                    I think it’s very unlikely that you’ll find something that isn’t very cheap/fast fashion that will fit off the rack.

                    I’d suggest finding a good tailor (ask here for recs perhaps) buy a jacket that fits well on the shoulders and then take it to the tailor to get advice as to whether it can be taken in enough around the waist without losing three shape of the jacket.

                    As people have said: shoulder fit is key. All the brands mentioned should be slim enough that once you’ve narrowed it in there a tailor can take it the rest of the way for < $100.

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                      Originally posted by gamelove View Post
                      It fits the shoulder(still a bit big)
                      I think maybe this is why people are suggesting looking at places that carry 36s instead.


                        Figure I'll chip in here as I wear 36S myself.
                        My shirts are sized 15/33 slim from Spier & Mackay.

                        Height: 5'7"
                        Weight: 150 lb
                        Chest measurement: 38"
                        Waist: 32"
                        Shoulder width: 17.25"

                        Here are my thoughts for comparisons of different brands in 36S suits and blazers:

                        Spier & Mackay and J Crew both fit me perfectly with minimal alterations, sleeves to shorten around 1/2"
                        BR: around 3/4 to 1" shorter in the body than the above 2 brands.
                        Bonobos: slim fit 36S a bit tight in all areas and short in the body - their trad fit works slightly better but by no means a great fit. I fall in between their 2 fits.

                        Hope this helps.