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Need help with new pair of Allen Edmonds!!

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    Need help with new pair of Allen Edmonds!!

    Hi guys. Please help this is really frustrating me. I got a new pair of vernons and it's really tight from the top (sorry if wrong terminology) roughly at the area above the joint for the big toe. The salesperson said that it would stretch out...i've worn them for a few hours around and the house and put a small cylindrical object in there overnight and they're barely moving. Does anyone know if shoes like this stretch out and if I'm doing this the right way??


    Was the one width up too loose?



      A real shoe shop / cobbler should have a shoe stretcher that should help you.



        I would either go to an AE store and try on a different

        size if the length is good then try to size up on the width

        and try that on or what @vespa said, would be to take it

        to a cobbler, however from my experience they when they

        stretch a shoe out it is only the width that is stretched

        not the toe box.



          If you paid full retail price for them, take them back and find ones that fit. AE customer service is supposed to be phenomenal so I can't imagine them complaining. Getting european shoe trees may help too, I found that on one shoe it was really hard to get in(and it was the one tight on my instep) and after 2 days it was noticably easier to get the tree in and no pain on my instep.



            Ok guys, please educate me. So that area right at the bottom of the laces and around the toe that called or part of the toe box? I got them from the AE outlet and had them shipped to me.

            Can anyone else jump in and let me know if this area can be loosened? I tried them out at a real AE store and the saleperson said yes...was I being bs'ed?



              I had a pair of Allen Edmonds that were tight just above the toe box on the top of my toe knuckles. It did NOT get any better with time. Thankfully, I purchased them from Norstrom and not directly from AE. After 3 months of wearing them out and about, Nordstrom still took them back and got me a pair a 1/2 size larger.

              I would say this isn't something that will get better with stretching or time in my experience. You need a bigger size (either longer or wider).



                :O!! I hope AE outlet has a nice return policy too...



                  If they are not crazy tight, try shadow's idea. That has worked for me in the past with a pair that was too tight in the same area.

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                    where would be a good place to pick up an european shoe tree? is it different from a typical shoe tree?



                      If you're willing to endure foot pain, a leather shoe will eventually stretch to any size. Quite literally. My dad has AE shoes that he bought at a medium width and still wears despite now being a EEE width. Or you can get it stretched. The AE Shoe Bank stores can do that in-store overnight if you show them where the pressure point is.

                      If you have the option to skip the pain and get a different size,'s up to you.



                        AE customer service is great and if you picked

                        them up from the outlet I'm sure it will not be

                        any different. Just get in contact w/ them and

                        have them send you a different size.

                        I recently purchased a pair of walnut strands

                        from aafes (military site) and contacted AE about

                        exchanging for a different size and they had no

                        problem w/ doing that for me. After i received

                        my first pair the size was right but the heel was

                        splitting so AE sent me a shipping label and I sent

                        them out yesterday for an exchange



                          Thanks guys. I stopped in a store and I think the EEE fits me better. So I'm going to call them up about that. :P