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inexpensive watch suggestions for wife

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    Skechers has some nice watches that are not sporty looking.


      Probably a brand name she’d recognize would help the situation along. Many hand bag makers have licensed their names out to various quartz manufacturers. I’m thinking Coach, Michael Kors, etc. Go to a TJ Maxx, The Rack, even Marshall’s for a quick look around for something that will fit the bill.
      But the Swatch idea isn’t a bad one, lots of classy and not so classy options to choose from

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        Originally posted by idvsego View Post
        I wanted my wife to be into watches too so that I would have a thing I could easily buy her. 6 watches later and she still just wears the silver one. Get your wife the $15 watch at walmart, let it break and then she might be up for the $50 tier.
        Similar story here but with a funnier ending. The one she wears the most is a vintage Timex Marlin from the 60's that she stole from me. $15 on eBay, on a beat up old brown leather band I had laying around.

        Pretty hard to predict what will happen when you try to get a lady into watches.


          So, what was the winning watch in the end?