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Walnut belt to match AE strands?

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    Walnut belt to match AE strands?


    Anyone have suggestions for a belt to match the Allen Edmond walnut strands?

    Do you think this is a match:



    This was 30% off yesterday but looks to be full price again. Don't have walnut strands so not sure if the color is an exact match but another option to consider. 233&Product_Id=1590918&Parent_Id=228&default_color =WALNUT&sort_by=&sectioncolor=&sectionsize=

    Also would recommend not going too matchy matchy. But generally a lighter brown shoe goes with a lighter brown belt and darker with darker. Don't need to match exactly.



      Affordable option: I picked up a closely-matching tan Hilfiger belt at Macy's recently. A couple of people even commented on how much the belt matched my walnut Strands, which was very unexpected... I am usually a strict no logo guy, but I was able to forgive the small Hilfiger brand on the bottom of the buckle. I believe this is it:



        I asked this same question a bit ago and someone recommended

        this belt:

        this is the belt I plan to get shortly. I have just been waiting

        to see if the belt goes on sale for the nordstrom half yearly event.

        Other recommendations were:

        & de=aj-belts

        if you plan to go w/ an AE belt I would contact

        AE shoe bank and see what belts they have on sale.

        It may be cheaper that way.



          That is the belt you want. I have it and it is great, except I got it from this guy: a5#ht_500wt_1076

          Highly recommended. Do yourself a favor and save about 40 bucks



            If you are looking for an exact match, do not buy the "chili" colored belt. I have AE shoes in both walnut and chili, and chili has a much darker red tone.



              @hardrain - thanks for the seller link.

              - is the buckle pretty big? from the pictures it does.

              - i tried to search for pics of that belt but there wasn't very many with people wearing it



                Check out DSW if there's one near you. They carry Florsheim belts that pair decently.



                  I saw someone mention this belt on another website,, I picked it up last week for $17.99, color matches pretty well. Not sure how durable it'll be but at that price I think it's worth the risk.