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How Often Do Clothes at Target Go on Sale?

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  • How Often Do Clothes at Target Go on Sale?

    I have my eyes on a pair of jeans and was wondering if I should pull the trigger on buying them or just wait until a sale. Thanks!

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    I havent bought stuff from them in a while but historically men's sales arent super frequent or super great. Clearance is determined by store so it can also be very unpredictable. If you are dying for it, buy it. If its no big deal if you miss out, wait.


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      Stuff is so inexpensive at Target as is that I would just go ahead and buy what you want now. Occasionally there will be "20% off men's shirts" type sales and of course stuff gets really cheap if it makes it to the clearance rack. But if my local Target store is any example, there's a good chance that sizes and styles (especially for seasonal items) can get picked over, and may or may not be restocked, before anything gets discounted off full price. The rules of fast fashion are in full effect at Target so merchandise doesn't generally sit around very long.


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        The handful of Targets near me have really cut back on the clearance rack items, even after the seasons change. I could load up in the past, even after Goodfellow took over, but not anymore. LBD is right: the clothes are relatively cheap and i never really see much of a restock after items are gone.
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