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Max Davoli by Maxman??

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  • Max Davoli by Maxman??

    Anyone ever heard of Max Davoli by Maxman? I just purchased a navy blue sport coat by a local boutique shop for under $300 plus free tailoring.

    It's made in China, Super 150's, mother of pearl buttons. It's got more shoulder structure than my Brooks Brothers sport coat and almost like their hopsack coat. It wears a little looser with bit of a structured shoulder and drape. I like it and hope to get some good hard wears from it.

    Hoping to pickup a few more sport coats and blazers this year to last me a good long time. I'm 35 and work in the legal field. We're business one wears suits unless going to court and that really doesn't happen that often.

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    I have a few of their sport coats, and a couple suits. They're pretty nice, for the price. I wouldn't buy another one, however. Too many good values if you look around for sales.