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M.Gemi vs Greats vs Anel Racer Sneakers quality

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    M.Gemi vs Greats vs Anel Racer Sneakers quality

    These are all made in Italy with the Anel Racer Sneakers being quite a bit more expensive for $390 (well the shoes I want are $390). I also can't find many Reviews/ratings/mentions except one on facebook for Anel Racer.

    M. Gemi:
    Anel Racer:

    found out about Anel Racer here:

    If money were no object, I'd get Anel Racer because all of the different color combos.
    Thanks in advance.

    M. Gemi has a store in Manhattan
    Greats are available through Nordstrom
    Anel Racer has a store near Miami

    and , of course all are available via their websites

    I have 4 pair of Greats Royales. IMHO they're the best value for an Italian made minimalist sneaker. There's also always a 10% off code floating around. Nordstrom only has them in a select few stores so you'll have to order online. I'd order directly through Greats over Nordstrom. Unless Nordstrom has them on sale, Greats shipping, customer service and return policy is just as good.

    My brother in-law has a pair of M.Gemi. They're probably on par with the Greats in terms of build quality and material but the profile is a bit more streamline. Greats are better if you have wide feet. They're nice for sure but Greats are the better value.

    Never heard of the other company. They're a completely different style and not exactly my cup of tea so I'll leave it at that.