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Black socks or colourful/happy socks with suit?

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    Originally posted by Sam482 View Post
    Fashion advice from professionals please?

    Do you wear black socks with your suit to work or colourful socks with your suit to work?
    Advice is hard to give here without knowing you, your profession or your office culture. These will all be a factor in determining whether you want your socks to grab attention.

    To the question of what do others wear... I don't like to draw attention to my socks (or anything else I wear, for that matter I suppose) so I always match them to my pants.


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      Like some of the other folks above, I try to strike a balance between boring and loud by wearing argyle/striped socks where one of the socks' colors matches the color of my pants.


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        Agreed that it's all about context. I wear patterned or crazy socks every day - even to court. If it's something more forma, I'll tone it down to just argyles or little spots or whatever, but almost never just solid color. If I did a lot of jury trials, I might reconsider, but otherwise I like a pattern. Makes laundry so much easier.

        I do have a few pairs of solid socks for my tux and formal occasions, but they aren't worn much.


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          Why only work on the extreme ends of boring black socks and crazy colourful socks while ignoring the in-between options?

          Most of my dress socks are either solid, tasteful colours, or suble stripes, dots or houndtooth patterns. For example I have navy/dark blue socks in all those patterns, plus shades of grey, dark green, chocolate brown and burgundy. I now buy most of my socks from Viccel in over-the-calf length in both the winter weight and summer weight.