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Why do people like button-flies again?

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    Why do people like button-flies again?

    So I've been thinking about this lately, as a majority of my pants that actually see frequent use have button-flies, and I'm not entirely sure I've been convinced by the arguments in favor of them! To recap, the ones I've heard most often are:

    -No risk of getting your junk caught in the zipper. This has literally never happened to me in the decades I've been zipping up my pants; seems like kind of a myth for the most part!

    -No zipper boner. Legit bonus.

    -Buttons don't make annoying sounds for those more... discreet moments we find ourselves in. Granted, I'm not playboy, but how often does anyone really find themselves in these situations? Secondly, you know what else is quiet? A slowly unzipped zipper! Perhaps most importantly, if you *are* caught in a situation like that, the time it takes to button four or five buttons on your fly is much more than the time it takes to zip up your pants. So, you know, if you're worried about getting found out, it seems like that'd be the bigger concern.

    -Easier to repair. I've never personally had to repair a zipper, so I'm not sure how legit this is. I'm sure they are easier to repair, but it's honestly never come up for button- or zip-flies!

    The cons, on the other hand, are things that I feel like haven't necessarily been addressed. In my experience, they are, principally:

    -They take forever to button up. You get better at it with practice, but it's just needlessly time-consuming. None of my pants unbutton in one smooth motion like people say they do after a bit, either.

    -Urinals. Clearly, these were not designed for peeing standing up. I, as it happens, do quite a bit of peeing standing up! Having to unbutton all four of five buttons just to have access to a urinal is inconvenient, time-consuming, and I suspect it makes people standing next to me wonder what I'm doing. I guess you could try to unbutton just the bottom two or so, but I've also found the buttons difficult to fasten if the ones above them are already done up.

    -Tucking in shirts. With zip-flies, you button, zip, and you're done. With button-flies, I feel like shirts often come a little untucked by the time I even get to the top-most button, and there's not really any getting it back in there without unbuttoning again.

    Okay! So yeah, I know a lot of people around here are huge proponents of button-flies, and I was hoping someone would have a few reasons other than the mostly flimsy ones I see cited in the vast majority of instances where people are explaining why they're superior to zip-flies. I'm genuinely beginning to suspect that people just think they're novel/cool and the rest is rationalized after the fact to explain the use of an arguably inferior design. Or!! Maybe I'm actually missing something.


    I have never understood button flies.



      im wearing one right now, and i find it a bit more inconvenient than a zipper but not so much that i dont wear the pants. I do prefer a zipper, though.



        They make for a dramatic reveal in the bedroom. That takes care of all negatives right there.



          pitseleh, we agree on this. I don't understand the point of button flies. I'm also curious as to what a "zipper boner" is -- am I missing out?



            I don't like button flies any more than the next guy, but I think durability is a factor. If you're getting nice pants you plan on keeping for a long time, a button fly can't really break. I don't have an issue with zippers often, but they can get wonky or even break. So a button fly signifies quality and longevity in a product a bit.



              Costs $6 to fix a broken zipper at my local cobbler.



                The price itself isn't the point, it signifies that the producer cares about quality and longevity. Like jeans that have real leather patches on the back. It's very unnecessary but it lets you know they are thinking about these things and not just slapping together some denim.



                  I don't lean one way or another, but your cons, for the sake of discussion, seem just as flimsy as the pros. I just hope no one on this message board is pressed for time that spending an extra 5 seconds button up your pants in the morning or the restroom is a major inconvenience.



                    I like the way denim fades around a button fly. It makes for a cool visual effect...for those dramatic reveal moments.



                      I love the button fly on my Levi's, but prefer zipper on every other type of pant. Something about it on the 501s just makes me feel more manly. Also, on the 501s at least, I do get to the point where you can do it as fast as a zipper, seems like the buttons learn their place and just make it happen. They definitely unbutton smoothly.

                      It is a bit awkward at the urinal though, and having to unbuckle the belt sucks. My 501s will always be button fly though.



                        "I don't lean one way or another, but your cons, for the sake of discussion, seem just as flimsy as the pros. I just hope no one on this message board is pressed for time that spending an extra 5 seconds button up your pants in the morning or the restroom is a major inconvenience."

                        Are they? I guess you could make a case for why I'm just bad at tucking in my shirts, or too impatient to wait the extra five seconds it takes to get your pants buttoned, but the urinal thing is the far from flimsy, I think! In all honesty, every time I have to use the bathroom in a pair of pants with a button-fly, I think "ugh." It's a design flaw! As someone mentioned, it's absurd to have to unbuckle belt and unbutton four or five buttons instead of undoing a zipper.

                        This thread has been productive for me, though! Clearly, I've imagined a consensus on the part of everyone but me as to the desirability of button-flies. Maybe it's just the blogs I read!

                        P.S. A zipper boner is the strong arch in your pants in the groin region that vaguely resembles a small erection that comes about as a result of your zipper not having enough room to stretch out straight when you're sitting down. A Google image search should be illuminating.



                          I didn't think I'd like them until I stopped experimenting with 505's and 514's and 511's and so on and finally made the move to 501's. Now they're the only jeans I wear. Sure, it seems impractical, but most fun things are. If you're looking for practicality , just wear pants with elastic waistbands so you can pull the front down, have a piss, and pull them right back up and be on your way.

                          I guess I like them for one of the reasons I like shaving with the old school razor and brush. Sure it takes longer and can sometimes be a bit of a mess, but it's just more enjoyable. Zippers are so boring. Buttons add a little something extra I think. For me, it just feels better.

                          (And in the occasional instance when a girl unbuttons your pants, she will absolutely notice. Just from my experience, it definitely seems to be immensely more attractive than a zipper.) But that shouldn't be your only reason for wearing them haha



                            I decided to run some time trials today. The button fly was about 3 seconds longer than the zipper when taking a leak.



                              Less convenient, but i kind of like the process a bit. The unzip doesn't have quite the same lure as a slow, classic unbuttoning motion. Excuse me for edging on TMI.