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    Originally posted by Hebrew Barrister View Post
    It's funny how personal watch fit is. I have the same steinhart and don't like the way it wears. The lugs don't curve enough. Quality is nice though, I give it that.
    Out of the 3, the Steinhart is the biggest stretch by a considerable margin. True that the lugs don’t curve enough to make it totally flattering, but IMO it’s a doable stretch.

    The SKX013 is close to perfection for 38mm. Doesn’t overhang at all with a few mm’s to spare. The movement and jack of hacking keep it from blowing up too much.

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      I think the OP should consider a simple/sleek non-dive watch on a bracelet. He can add a leather strap as an option. The watch I wear most often is like that - a Seiko SARX -( and there are good options at many price points for that from Seiko, Tissot and many many brands. This kind of watch is very versatile - from suit to beach to whatever.

      Somewhat contradicting this, I want to make plug for Seagull re-issue dress watches. These are small and sleek on leather (though the straps are poor quality and should be replaced - adding perhaps $30 to the $220 price).

      I have the Wuyi and it's beautiful. Really amazing for the price. I also have an Orient Bambino and don't like it anymore - it's really clunky in comparison.


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        Timex has some budget friendly mechanical options these days. The 34mm Marlin is $199:

        The 40mm Waterbuy is $249:


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          I like the look of that Timex Waterbury. A nice simple design.