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The Black Tux - Rent/Buy?

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  • The Black Tux - Rent/Buy?

    My buddy is getting married this fall, and asked those of us in the wedding party to get tuxedos from The Black Tux.

    The tuxedo in question is the grosgrain bound, which is is $125 to rent / $650 to buy.

    I'm hoping to tap the wisdom of Dappered on two questions:

    1. Any experiences you've had with this company. I tried to look through old threads but it's a little difficult to find reviews given the generic name. I realize that I don't have a choice on the company, but it's relevant to my second question, which is...

    2. At those price points, would you rent or buy?

    For context, I'm a 34 year old attorney, and I've had to wear a tuxedo exactly twice in my life. On one hand, buying theoretically seems like a good investment; on the other, past experience suggests that I may not wear it enough (i.e. 5 times) to justify the purchase.

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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    At that price without the shirt and shoes I’d rent. With those you’re getting roughly close to suit supply package levels. Given you don’t wear it often I’d rent.


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      Yea I would rent as you still have shoes, shirt, tie, studs, and cummerbund if you buy. I spent roughly $1,000 on my rig and I have worn it twice since 2014. I would only suggest buying if you regularly wear a tux, maybe twice a year minimum.


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        I looked into this company for groomsmen suit rentals for my wedding last year. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of suits as rentals but would not buy a tux from them. Especially for $650. At that price you can do much better. Their tuxes are more like black suits and don't have many of the typical features that makes a tux a tux. Thin lapels that aren't satin, two buttons as apposed to one, buttons aren't covered, flap pockets, etc. JCrew factory tuxes have similar suit like features but look better, are probably better quality and are less expensive. If you're required to wear that particular tux, I would stick to renting.


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          I’ve rented from The Black Tux 3 times now. Once for my own wedding and twice for others. I would recommend using them for a rental (the process is easy and they fit pretty well for an internet tux), but I would not buy their tux. It’s not worth the money.

          Like those above have mentioned you could get a much better fitting and looking tux for that $650 price from other retailers.

          However, based on your tux wearing history it doesn’t sound like buying one from anywhere would be a good investment.


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            Makes sense. Thanks guys!