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Brooks Brothers Semi Annual 40% Coming up?

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    It seems that you can't combine the offer through different 'types' of shirts. I tried to combine 3 'classic cotton' dress shirts and 1 non-iron, and the 40% discount didn't apply. I'm hesitant to get all non-iron, as I've heard negative things about the material. Non-iron certainly must be more popular, though.



      I'm pretty sure that when I bought using the 30% corporate discount + multi-buy the shirts ended up being a few dollars cheaper each. ($46 vs $48 each or so for the regular cottons).



        I'm self-employed, so this is the best discount out there for me.

        Personally, I love non-iron. I never iron anything, so this lets me stretch visits to the dry cleaner until the shirt is actually dirty. The stiffer feel of the fabric doesn't bother me in the least.



          @Zero is correct. However, 40% isn't too bad either, with the difference being minimal.

          @Lib - I'm with NC, the non-iron fabric is fine for me. I do both, but obviously the non-iron is their big seller and it has tons more selection. I've heard that drycleaning (laundering) the non-iron actually quickens the deterioration of the non-iron-ness of the shirts, but I don't have the science to back that one up. I launder mine all the time, so no sweat off my back.

          Also, I did 3 non-iron dress shirts and 2 sport shirts (trying out XL extra slim vs. L slim), and it gave me the 40%. Just make sure you go through check out a little bit and then the discount will show up.



            Anyone know how the sport shirt sizing compares to the dress shirt sizing?

            I need something close to at 15/32 or 15.5/32. Small or medium?



              Damn their shipping prices




                Zero - I think you're a medium with your neck and small with your sleeves.

                Go with small since you probably won't button the neck on a sport shirt?