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    Hey everyone,
    I've been feeling in need of a pair of summer-y jeans. I really like Banana Republic's fit and fabrics (and have $45 of credit there), so I've been looking at their fly-weight traveler pants. However, I've been a bit torn as to what color I should get. Blue is obviously the most practical option, but I already have blue chinos that I feel are adequate for summer weather (I just usually don't like wearing t-shirts with chinos). Their site has a rose smoke option that I think looks pretty good, but I'm wondering as to how limited it would be. What colors would go with a faded red/light pink pair of pants like that? I know blues and neutrals would likely be OK, but I like wearing bright-ish colors in the summer (yellow, lavender), and I'm wondering how they would work together.

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    I have those BR pink jeans. I also have a similar one from jcrew. My approach to pink jeans (or something similar) is to keep the rest of the outfit toned down. I typically wear them with a blue shirt and white sneakers. I would stay away from other pastels. I think it’s a bit too much. Generally when I wear one item that stands out I keep the rest of the outfit very neutral. It looks more stylish that way. Too many colors runs the risk of looking like a birthday cake.


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      The same rules for those would apply to nantucket reds. IMO you should just get a pair of reds instead, but to each their own. Ecru goes well with pink in my experience. This post should give you some further ideas on how you can wear pink pants: