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Define smart casual please?

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    Define smart casual please?

    I'm going to this group seminar / interview for a job at a large catering company. Attire is smart casual, but the position I'm applying for is an entry level one. I'm assuming that due to the nature of the job, it is leaning towards the more "casual" side of "smart casual". My main problem -- I realized like many others after doing a quick google search -- is that smart casual encompasses such a wide spectrum of clothing. It's an oxymoron in itself!

    I kind of have an outfit planned but I don't know if it even fits into smart casual. I was thinking grey chinos with a light blue chambray shirt and simple brown lace-ups, but I'm not sure if a blazer is necessary in smart casual. I'm also thinking of going with a knit tie, but it might be overdoing it.

    I really want to wear a blazer + a knit tie because I like the look but I'm worried I might show up better dressed than my possibly future bosses. Will that be a problem?

    Thanks in advance!


    It's never a problem being overdressed for an interview, I interpret smart casual as chinos and a shirt with a collar. The addition of a blazer is something I would do for an interview, and a knit tie with chambray shirt keeps it quite casual too.

    Overall I'd say you are safe as long as you aren't wearing wool dress pants, white dress shirt and a silk tie.

    I've had interviews before which were on a Friday and I walk in wearing my suit only to find out the company has a casual friday, so there I was sitting across the table from the hiring manager who was wearing a U2 concert tshirt and frayed jeans. I felt more embarassed for her than worried about being overdressed.

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      It means casual, but not so casual that you get to wear "bro" tank.