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    August Wedding - Style Advice

    Okay, so I've got a wedding for a college friend in 4 weeks. As the husband of a medical resident and father of twin toddlers, I don't tend to get out much (read: ever). To boot, I'm in the middle of a serious weight loss effort right now, so a lot of my clothes don't fit properly at this point. I just got into reading about mens' style about a year ago, and my wife teases me about it. Long story short, this is my first chance to put it to work with my wife and friends I haven't seen in years, and I want to dress to kill.

    Since my old suit no longer fits (if it ever really did), I went out and found a gem at my local thrift store (gray, Italian made, 2-button, 100% wool summer weight suit, $6) that I'm taking to the tailor tonight. However, beyond that, I'm stumped. I need a few new dress shirts anyway, so I'm thinking about stepping out of my comfort zone (blue) and going for a lavendar shirt (thanks Barron!) & new matching tie (TBD, but thinking simple & dark, as the shirt's already bringing color to the party).

    First off, would a lavendar shirt be appropriate for a summer wedding, or should I stick to white? If the lavendar works, would a matching lavendar pocket square be correct, or is something else called for? Also, I like the look of brown shoes with a gray suit, but I'm not sure if black would be more appropriate, either due to the formality of the situation (wedding), or it just wouldn't work with the gray and lavendar.

    I'm throwing myself at the mercy of the dappered community. What do you all think? Thanks!


    You need to get us a visual of the suit bro, we are working in the dark here. Also, if you havent taken it to the tailor yet post pics with you wearing it so we can see it and help you make the right alterations. I think you can show up to that wedding looking a billion bucks man, and at $6 I must say that is a find!!! Whats your shoe game and acessories looking like?

    "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



      First of all, finding a $6, gray, Italian made suit is incredible. You're an inspiration to thrifters everywhere. I hope you get the works done on it by the tailor.

      Second, lavender shirt is an excellent choice for a summer wedding. Wearing a lavender pocket square would not be your best combo to go with the shirt. You don't want to appear over coordinated... Like this guy.

      Don't be Rickie Fowler.

      If you want to wear a lavender paisley pocket square, I'd wear a neutral colored shirt to anchor it. However, if you want to wear a lavender shirt and pocket square with a little more than just white you could try this. ges%2FCotton_Pocket_Squares%2Easp&pg=0&categoryIds =47&optionValueIds=

      Wear a dark knit tie to pull it together and I think you'll be solid. Tie Bar has many other colored border white pocket squares. You could wear pretty much any of the dark colors with your shirt and be good to go.

      I also want to know the shoe game. Details man!



        yeah dude get excited - we're here to help. tell/show us more



          Since it sounds like you've gone through a body transformation (or are going through it still) I would make sure that suit is nice and trim. Make sure the pants fit well without a belt (streamlines the waist). Joe's "hug test" idea does work well for getting a jacket fitted.

          If your suit is plain grey, and the shirt is solid, go for it with the tie and pocket square. But, like others have said, not the exact same color. A lot of patterned knit, cotton, or even wool ties would work here.

          For weddings I attend, I don't mind being dressy with some casual flair. Thus, a knit or cotton tie, no belt, and no socks in some lighter brown oxfords would be great.

          Something along these lines (depending on the hue of the lavender of course)

 yPages%2FAll_Ties.asp&pg=4&categoryIds=31,66,63,17 &optionValueIds=

 ges%2FAll_Ties.asp&pg=1&categoryIds=31,66,62,18&op tionValueIds=

          A plain white pocket square always looks nice. A gingham one or something along those lines I think would look rockin against the polka dot tie, but that's just me. Color balancing there could get tricky.

          "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



            Unfortunately, a visual of me in the suit is a bit off - I bought it Wednesday and took it straight to the dry cleaner, picked it up Thursday at lunch, and stopped at my tailor on my way home from work Thursday night. It'll probably be 2 weeks or so until it's ready. My tailor's adjusting the sleeve and leg length, letting out the waist about 3/4" and fixing the zippper (broken off pull). The jacket is wearable now, a tiny bit tight around the waist, but it'll be damn near perfect if I can drop another 5 pounds or so by the wedding (I've dropped 11 in the last 6 weeks). Everything (read: jacket chest/shoulders & length) is spot on. This is suit looks to be pretty close, and the best I can do right now: I'm going cuffless half-break on the pants. I don't like cuffed pants with jetted pockets, and am not a huge fan of either cuffs or flap pockets as they add horizontal bulk, and I'm only 5'7".

            Shoes are up in the air (as with everything else), as all I've really got at this point are some black Florsheim Richfield loafers, a pair of Dockers oxblood loafers, and my usual Rockport casual lace-ups. As an engineer in a casual office, I've never really needed anything nicer. I'm really thinking I want to rock this look, down to the purple/gray Argyle-ish socks. Thankfully, Nordstrom's timing is impeccable for me to get my first pair of AE's just in time for the wedding.

            As far as accessories, I'll be going with just my wedding band (plain yellow gold) and this watch, re-banded with brown leather to match the shoes.

            More details later. My daughters call.



              Okay, the girls are napping...

              A little more background on me, just to help visualize until I can get pics. I'm 5'7", and presently 182 lbs, and hope to get down to about 150, and then decide where to go from there. Most of my clothes were purchased when I was somewhere in the 195-205 range (my all-time high was 212), hence getting a blank slate to work with. I figure if I'm re-inventing my body, I might as well re-invent my style as well. In 10 years, my hope is that my daughter's ask "who's the fat guy in the sloppy clothes" when looking at their baby pictures.

              A little more on the suit: the suit is ventless with jetted pockets, making the look about as streamlined as it can get.

              A little more on accessories: As a lefty, wearing the watch on my right arm, I can get away with different metals. I don't think I'm quite ready to go beltless (as I wear belts with everything looped), but I'll be going with simple dark brown leather (gotta match the leathers), with a gunmetal buckle as to not attract much attention.

              I hadn't really thought about going with a knit tie, as I've never owned one before. I definitely think I like that approach. Unfortunately, most knit ties seem to have a strong horizontal pattern, which I at least know enough to avoid being short and fat (a miserable combo to fit clothes on). The polka dots are calling to me, though. They're just so far away from what I usually wear (maybe what I'll call "the old me").

              As far as buying shirts, another question. I'm definitely noting how much bulk my present shirts add around my midesction, especially since Joe's article this week. I've shied away from buying "slim fit" or "athletic fit" shirts, as my body type is presently neither. I've got about a 40" chest and a 38" waist. Would I be in button-bursting territory looking at slim fit shirts?



                i like the look you're going for! and it's great that you've found options that won't break the bank.

                as for the slim-fit shirt question, i think you should go ahead and at least try one on. i'm 5'9.5" and weigh about 175 lbs. my jacket size is a 39/40r while my waist is about a 35. when i wear slim-fit shirts by dkny, i find that there's a lot of extra material around my waist; if you're worried about your mid-section being too tight, i might recommend you try some of those (macy's has them on sale often enough, i think). alfani reds are slimmer, but not by too much, i don't think. the slim fit gap shirts in large have been great on me - just about perfect in the torso, but a little long in the sleeve (my sleeve length is usually 34/35).

                hope that helps!



                  Matt, this is one hell of an effort you're making. Good for you man. If it is in your budget, absolutely to the AE's. As for the whole slim fit thing, I completely agree with videorecipes. Give it a shot. I have a couple buddies with your build and they have loved many slim fit items. It seems like they should just be called "fitted" rather than "slim." With the right size, they will often make you look thinner and more streamlined than your typical dress shirt that has extra fabric around the middle. I think it'd be better to show the 182 lb frame than hide it in a bulky dress shirt that will add the appearance of pounds.

                  Ultimately, do what you feel comfortable with. I enjoy my knit ties, but if it's not your thing, go with what is. I think that you're on the way to a killer combo and you'll look 10x better in what you feel comfortable and confident in.

                  "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                    Greg, I'm 100% with you on going with a fitted look. I'd rather be comfortable and confident in my own skin than try to hide it with bulky shirts and look even heavier and insecure. I've already made the switch from some of my old polos to Joe's recommended Mossimos, and love the difference. Plus, as a somewhat stretch fabric, they'll shrink with me and let me show off my weight loss. Just wasn't sure what a shirt with less give would do, but I guess I'll never know if i don't try it out.

                    And as a correction, I'm a 36" waist, not a 38" as I typed above, so the recommendation from videorecipes is probably about spot on, aside from me wearing a 32/33 sleeve.

                    As for knit ties, I really like the idea of a more casual tie. I've always been the type of guy who only wears ties to get dressed up, and while I enjoyed it, never really realized there was a more casual option, aside from bad "dad ties".

                    Thanks all for the feedback!



                      Okay, update. I may be going with black leather. Just won a pair of black AE Strattons (look a lot like the Strand, but with smooth edges at all the seams) on ebay for $40 and change after shipping. I kinda sorta forgot I was watching that auction, and with 5 minutes left, nobody had even met the starting bid of $30. Now I'm not sure if the wife will let me spend $200 on a pair of shoes after just buying another. Maybe I'll just have to keep my eyes open for a killer deal on a brown pair in the thrift stores and on ebay. That being said, it ups the formality of the outfit up a tick from what I was imagining, but I'm sure I can make the look work with either color leather. Gives me a little more room for artistic license on the tie and pocket square.



                        Those shoes are fire, and for that price is pretty ridiculous. You can def wear those shoes to the wedding, if need be. You'll never hear me say stop looking for a great pair of brown shoes, especially if you can get them for the price of those Strattons. I just bought a pair of Walnut Strands on ebay for $130. Needless to say i'm pretty ecstatic about that.

                        What are you thinking of doing for in terms of color/pattern for shirting? Also, you can wear a solid color knit tie if you don't want to do stripes or dots. The texture of the tie alone will make it stand out.