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Fuse Lenses - Revant Optics - or Other? Aviator replacements

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  • Fuse Lenses - Revant Optics - or Other? Aviator replacements

    I dropped and cracked a single lens in a pair of pretty new Ray Ban aviators almost a year ago, and with summer again (finally) starting in Minnesota I want to get them fixed. New, legit replacement lenses look like they're >$60 which is frustrating since I only need one.

    So I've come across Revant Optics and Fuse Lenses which both promise great lenses, and they're about half the price.

    (I know the links are to different sizes...)

    Any experience or thoughts on these?

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    I've bought some lenses from Fuse before for some Ray Bans. No qualms, fit in perfectly, nicely packaged. Unfortunately, I ended up losing the sunglasses not too long after.


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      Got some Fuse lenses for my Persol 714s. I had a lens crack on me in my suitcase even though they were in a case...inside a shoe. Overall, I was quite pleased with the quality and fit. Definitely better than buying a new set of frames.

      I opted for the polarized version, and I don't know if it's just me, but I am not sure they're AS polarized as some other lenses I have. They won't make the screens completely disappear in quite the same way.

      The biggest difference you'll notice from the original Ray Ban lenses is that the Fuse lenses will most definitely be polycarbonate lense...nicer than a gas station plastic, but they're not the glass/crystal lens you'll find on Ray Ban or Persol. They, to me, are quite clear though and have not noticed any early onset scratch damage. They might not be quite as crystal clear as the original lenses, but they get the job done...oh and they'll make your shades noticeably lighter, so that's a benefit?

      I do recommend the Fuse lenses and would buy again without hesitation.


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        I dropped my pair of Clubmasters on the sidewalk which resulted in a heavily-scratched lens. I bought a pair of replacement polarized Fuse lenses. As CK83 noted, the lenses are polycarbonate; much lighter than the original glass lenses. My only complaint is that I see a blur when looking at lcd screens with the fuse lenses. Otherwise, for $38, they are a sufficient replacement.


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          When you get Rayban replacement lenses from Fuse, do they say "Rayban" on the actual new replacement lenses?