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Removing clothing labels

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    Removing clothing labels

    I really detest logos and exterior clothing labels. Most interior labels, ones that can't be seen I leave be as long as they are not itchy or otherwise irritating. Most exterior labels I find are easily removed.

    I purchased a pair of BR chinos recently and noticed the label is very tightly sewn onto the pants. My trusty little scissor is no match for it lol.

    What do you guys do? Remove them or leave them be?

    I think I need to invest in a seam ripper to remove this baby.

    Seam ripper, yes. Unless you plan on doing some sewing, I would suggest the $5 type. There are better ones that have attached magnifying glass and light for example... but it is better to have a table with a magnifying glass and light anyway.


      Seam ripper if it bothers you. I don't buy things with external logos/labels, but don't care about internal ones.


        Some advice from someone who's been removing external labels for a long time: if the label is sewn across a seam (sometimes found on the back of pants, depending on how they are constructed), that's a good place for you to start working with the seam ripper, because there's a little more space to insert it. If the label doesn't happen to cross a seam, then starting at a corner is probably your best move. And go slowly.

        Also, I learned the hard way that using the small scissors on a pocket knife is not precise enough—too much risk of damaging the item you are trying to remove the label from.


          I have

          People who have to do a lot of seam ripping in their industry usually just use a shiny new sharp razor blade. You have to develop enough skill to not cut the fabric to use it, but you can really go though a lot with it.

          The seam ripper is a lot safer, and requires less skill to use. It's a good tool for a novice, i'd suggest one. it's not easy to sharpen so, usually you if they get a new one it'll do the trick. Any Sewing store would have them, or a Walmart that has a sewing section in the store. You can also try a Michaels or other corporate craft store.

          When i sew i use both in combination with my little nipper scissors.


            Swiss army knife tiny scissors. Not as good as a seam ripper, but I have several SA knives stashed in different drawers, and I can never find my seam ripper...