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  • Waxed Trucker Jacket

    Happy Memorial Day, gents.
    Just bought a navy Flint & Tender Waxed trucker. It looks awesome, and really blue. I generally like wearing dark blue denim to work. Am I wading into Canadian tuxedo territory with this? Any suggestions on how to style it? What colors do you recommend for bottoms?

    Also, if anyone has the navy trucker, any experience on how it collects lint? I'm a bit concerned that it will be collecting a lot.

    Thanks a bunch.

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    I wouldn't worry too much. If you're wearing regular dark denim (i.e. still has the white weft) I think that'll be enough contrast with the canvas to not look weird.

    The only thing I might avoid would be pants that are very similar in color and texture. Dark navy chinos, for instance, might come off as too similar. I have a tan waxed trucker and don't like how it looks with some chinos in a nearly identical color. I might feel differently if that color was blue though, not sure!

    As for other colors, I think it would look great with just about any common colors found in mens clothes - grey, tan, dark green, etc. A deeper caramel brown be excellent in my opinion.


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      I have the Gustin field jacket in navy and I feel the same way about wearing it with dark blue denim. I tend to avoid wearing it with medium or light wash blue denim.