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"Slim" Fit shirts - Comparison of Brands

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    Interesting thread here! Has mentioned everyone except I'd like to hear more about BR's new tailored slim line if anyone has any experiences with that.



      I just ordered a shirt with the new "tailored slim" cut. Hoping to find something that fits me off the rack well without extra on tailoring. Chest: 39 Waist: 28. If anyone knows anything that works I'd like to know!



        Jesus Margotron you are like a taller version of me with same measurements almost.

        FYI I pretty much just go the MTM route now, not point buying OTR then $25 to have it taken apart.

        I think that would work for you as an OTR shirt would be more like a casual length shirt for yourself.For me about 26.5" would be mid crotch and all my CT shirts etc measure 31" length and you're 4" taller



          @shadow I noticed we both have large drops from chest to waist. What MTM shirts do yo ureccomend and how much $$$ total per shirt do you normally get?



            Sorry to bump, but I'd like to know where shadow is getting his MTM shirts as well since I'm in the same boat (chest 42" and waist 32").

            I usually buy a few 1MX Fitted shirts when they run their buy one get one @ $20 + $60 off $150 coupon deals which brings them out to about $25 a piece. Fit is good in the sleeve length, chest, and shoulders, but the waist is noticeably billowy. My backup option would be Nordstrom Rack shirts for $25-$30.

            $25-$30 for the base shirt plus $25 for the tailoring seems like the cheapest way to go, so I'd be interested in what the MTM shirts are costing you.



              Any more opinions on the LE tailor fit shirts?



                The Dork - if everything but the waist works with the 1MX shirts, why not buy the slimmer fitting Extra Slim Fit shirts? They are identical to the Modern Fit and Fitted shirts, save for the waist.



                  @nick - I don't know if that's true or not on paper, but in practice I've found that to not be the case. The medium Extra Slims are much tighter in the chest and arms compared to the medium Fitted shirts.



                    Right you are, Ken. Huh.

                    Medium Extra Slim Fit (Fitted)

                    Neck 16 1/2 (16 1/2)

                    Sleeve 26 5/8 (34) <-- they can't possibly be measuring the same thing with that

                    Shoulder 17 3/8 (17 3/4)

                    Chest 41 1/2 (42 3/4)

                    Waist 37 3/4 (38 3/4)

                    They say the ESF is:

                    -3/8" small across the shoulder than the Fitted

                    -1 1/4" small in the chest

                    -1" smaller in the waist

                    -1" smaller in the sweep (hips)

                    Interesting! No wonder it fits me so well in the Small Tall ESF! Alright, I stand corrected!