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"Slim" Fit shirts - Comparison of Brands

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    @ shad0w4life

    I would try the Boss Black "slim fit" shirts first if you haven't already. I am not a muscle bound guy in the chest by any stretch and the Hugo shirts make me feel like the hulk. Any slight movement and the button looks like it is about to pop off.



      How's the waist, that's my problem on most of these, usually large is a 41-44 chest range which is perfect for me, but the waist is then 40-42 and mine's 33



        I agree with AJ. The Boss Black slim fit is definitely the tightest in the chest and I know what he means about the button popping possibilities.

        @shad0w - I think you're best bet is either custom/MTM, or buy a shirt that is in the ballpark and then pay to have the waist taken in. It costs me $12. The latter is likely the cheaper of the 2 options - and certainly less time-consuming than searching for mass-market shirt with 1.5-2X the drop you are seeing on the slimmest fitting shirts others have posted.



          @J.b. I have the CT Slims .. Not Tailored. Though, I have a couple of their Business Casual (XL) and they fit me pretty well.. They might be slimmer than the CT Slims.

          As far as being in shape, I'd say 17" / 44" / 33.5-34" is when I was in shape with about 15% body fat. Now.. sigh.. it's more like 26%



            The waist was decent for me. Could have been taken in a little bit more but was by far the slimmest of the shirts I have tried. Unfortunately the tightness in the chest for the Hugo and the Boss Black was just too much so I took the plunge and ordered a Ratio MTM shirt.

            Perfect chest for me would be about 42" garment size in the chest and 35.5"-36" garment size in the waist. That would give me full flexibility in the chest without pulling but then be fitted through the midsection.



              Brooks Brothers Extra Slim Fit is the only OTR shirt that fits me in the neck (14.5), sleeves (34), and waist (31). True, the selection is limited, but they have the solid colors which are all you need for perfect fits. For patterns, you can wear them unbuttoned or with the sleeves rolled and get away with a lot of sizes.

              BB and CT are pretty perfect for offering a full range of sizes and fits. It's just a matter of finding what works for you. Worth noting, even though the solid whites and blues may never be as deeply discounted as the louder shirts, the price premium is worth it! Go for quality on the solid colors and spend a little extra!



                Hey Nicholas, have you ever tried the Calibrate Trim fit in 14.5 ?



                  all this talk of CTshirts has me thinking about picking up a couple more shirts....does anyone have a new discount link? They periodically send me mailers with links where all shirts are just $39 each. One month it was "", another month is was "". If I don't have a code from a mailer, I can usually find one with a little creative googling...but this time, I'm stumped. Anybody get a mailer recently with a special link?



                    Jessy - I have another Nordstrom shirt, a non-iron slim fit. Very similar to the Calibrate line and very slim, but the necks are all too big for all of Nordstrom's brands. I have to wear them with the collar open, and I've decided to stop buying shirts I can't wear buttoned unless they're casual and not made to be buttoned. Actually, I returned some Express shirts and have stuck to one Ratio shirt a month so far.

                    J.b. - the Windsor deal was great but is no more. When they do another one of those, I'm sure you'll see it referenced here on the Deals sticky. One note - CT and BB usually keep their staple, top-quality shirts off of the deal pages and clearance rack. If you're looking for those, I'd just bite when you need them.



                      @nicholas : So I guess I'll be swimming in it ? I saw one on eBay and wasn't sure if it was a good idea to bid on it.



                        Anyone know how the CT tailored fit compares to the BB extra slim? The BB extra-slim fits me like a glove. I have some of the CT slim fits that needed a trip to the tailor before they were wearable. For reference I am 16" neck/33" sleeve/41" chest/34" at belly button/32" at waist.



                          Jessy - They just don't have my size. If they have your size, you'll probably find them slim enough.



                            Any consensus on the slimmest shirt made? I am in a similar boat as shad0w


                            36" sleeve

                            40-41" chest

                            32" belly betton

                            30" waist

                            I need some tailoring, badly, on the shirts I own.



                              Does anyone have actual measurements of the BB extra slim fit shirts? They only go by letter sizing and their size charts aren't too clear.



                                My BB ESF 14.5/34 shirt measures 37" at the waist. It's right up there with Express's ESF and a touch tighter than Ratio's Slim Fit.