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"Slim" Fit shirts - Comparison of Brands

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    @Jordan, hah ya I have long friggin arms I did try a LE shirt with 35 and it's OK, but if you were to nit pick it would be too short, it ends on my wrist bone rather than the start of my hand. Your arm span is typically the same as your height, mine is about 4-5" longer, which works against my "outer beauty" by making my arms look slimmer than a typical person of same build.

    Zach where do you get your Ben Sherman shirts?



      I have 2 express 1mx extra slim in med. and they fit well, a little room nothing crazy,just right for me.Also have a CK slim fit that fits really nice,sleeves a little short but it was OTR and on sale.

      I've got a Sean Jean regular that actually fits well also. I've never read anything about Sean John on here, maybe since it's a "hip hop" brand, or maybe the quality isn't the me. Then again I'm still a new to wearing proper fitting clothes so I'm learnig,but i like that Sean Jean shirt.

      I've got to check out - Neiman Marcus - Trim Fit & - Charles Tyrwhitt - Tailored..if they are really tighter.....



        I have the following slim fit shirts in my possession if anyone wants pictures for comparison. I'm not exactly sure how they compare, but I'll rank them as my best guess in order of slimmest (15.5/33)

        --- slimmest ---

        Modern Tailor, custom made shirt

        CT Tailored fit

        BB Extra slim fit

        CT slim fit

        Nordstrom 1901 slim/trim fit

        Lands End Tailored fit

        DKNY slim fit

        Lands End regular fit (super huge, even sized down to a 15 neck)

        --- baggiest ---

        BB's slim (not extra) fit are HUUGE.

        The middle range of those shirts all seem about the same to me. I'd really have to take some pictures and take a look to compare.

        One thing to also consider if you don't want to go MTM: If you don't need to button the collar, as in a button-down collared shirt, or just a casual shirt you won't wear with a tie, consider sizing down in the neck. You'll end up with a smaller chest and waist as a bonus.



          I'm wearing my CT Slim Fit shirt today (17.5 / 36) and I realized that the Neiman Marcus (17.5 / 36-37) is definitely a little slimmer than the CT shirt (both are 2 ply cotton shirts)



            Jesus dude, are you in the WWE?! i had 16.5 shirts when I was 210 lbs.



              OP you are like a mirror of me. Charles Tyrwhitt Slim for the winnn :P



                Haha.. I'm just thicker than the average guy..

                Maybe there should be a spreadsheet/ document of preferred fits and how certain brands fit / measurements somewhere for reference..



                  Any ideas how bonobos fits into to this? This one in particular- (I ordered a small)

                  Im a 15.5 32- Charles Thyrwitt Tailored in that size seems to fit me quite well.



                    I also have a 17.5 neck and buying OTR shirts totally sucks! My chest is 44 and waist 35 so I'm out of luck even with most of the true slim fits.

                    I don't wear dress shirts enough to pay for MTM and when I do I usually need it quicker than the month it takes to get made.

                    But there are a few that I have found that work:

                    Calibrate slim fit - only goes up to 17 so I need to use a collar extender

                    H&M - XL fits well, but the fabric is really thin and cheap.

                    Hugo slim fit - very nice and slim fit, good fabric, but at $100 or so I'd go MTM

                    Also Nordstrom has a pretty good fit guide with measurements and comparisons here:




                      @John : useful link !



                        I've started a Google Docs document at


                        Feel free to edit it. If I can, I'll try and copy the preferences from this thread into the document over the weekend.



                          Here are some measurements I have taken myself. All at a 15" neck size. The key is the chest measurement and then the drop.

                          Chest, Waist, Hip, Difference (Chest-Waist) Difference (Hip-waist)

                          Calibrate "Trim Fit" - 44.13 39.38 41.00 4.75 1.63

                          Hugo - 39.38 36.25 40.13 3.13 3.88

                          Boss Black "Slim Fit" - 40.50 36.63 41.00 3.88 4.38

                          Club Monaco "Slim Fit" - 41.00 37.00 40.13 4.00 3.13



                            Pratyk, sorry if you mentioned this already? Did you try the CT Slim or Tailored? If it was just slim, then you should really try a tailored. They are a good bit slimmer. They list the 17.5 neck as having a 49.6 inch chest, and a 46.9 inch waist. That's probably not a big enough drop for you, but it could be a little better



                              This thread has made me think I have a peanut size head & neck....

                              I might have to look at some Hugo shirts though, they seem to have a better initial chest and then drop.



                       has just made me feel really out of shape. I wish I needed a 10 inch drop from chest to waist.