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    Gym bag needed

    I have a 20 minute walk to work, I can use public transit but it's still 10 minutes of walking. I've realized that if I want to stay in shape and have a social life, I need to start working out in the morning before work (possibly at lunch, but that doesn't change the problem).

    I don't have a dedicated space at work, or a shower. There is a chain gym very close to work with a locker room/shower.

    I need a bag that can fit my work clothes (business casual) or my gym clothes. What options do I have? I think a backpack is the best way to go to avoid messing up my back or shoulder, but I haven't seen any backpacks that I like. Other bags, I worry that carrying it in my hand for 20 minutes, or over my shoulder, will be injurious or simply uncomfortable.



    If you hurt yourself carrying a gym bag, you should be going to the gym for sure

    Check out ogio they make great stuff with warranty, and I would say the locker bag is what you're after but it's big. They do have other bags with wet compartments etc., pay attention to the sizes if you order online, I have a flex form small and its the size of a typical bag.



      I'm with shadow -- the amount of stuff you'd be carrying in the gym bag shouldn't be anywhere near how much would be necessary to cause injury.

      You don't really need a great bag for the gym, but if you want something quality, check out Beckel Canvas.

      I have a war bag, which is probably too big for a daily gym bag (it's more of a duffel / carryon size), but I think the Possibilities or Round-a-bout bags could be possibilities. They'll add pockets, etc. if you ask them to, which is pretty cool. Made in USA, and very sturdy.



        Locker bag(What I originally wanted, it's big though)

        Similar to minepockets on all sides mines a small)

        Just to show you backpacksthis one has a lot of compartments for gadgets)


        honestly I find a duffle style bag you can fit a lot more in compared to a backpack.



          Well, I've found that messenger bags can make my shoulder or neck feel sore, so not a huge fan of carrying much in there.

          I think the smaller duffle bag could work, since it should fit most of my stuff and I guess I don't need to carry many heavy things.

          I don't want to go with a normal backpack. I have one already and I want to get away from the college kid look.

          The canvas backpacks with leather accents have been more and more appealing, but I haven't been sold on a certain bag year (and the ones I've liked the most would just be too much of a splurge.

          I may try to use a small duffle I have as a tester, to see if I don't mind carrying something around in my hand, but I'm leaning heavily toward backpack.



            Get a duffle with a shoulder strap, any reason you need to carry it with a handle?




              available in neutral colors as well



                I'm going to recommend you get a bag with a shoe/wet dry compartment, makes things much cleaner.



                  Ok, I've renewed my search.

                  I definitely want to get a bag with a shoe compartment.

                  Buddy sent me this link, and although it's not available (checked the website, and even if it were, pretty sure it's well out of my price range), it got me focused again.

                  Looking for something like this, but...cheaper.



                    red devil,

                    I was going to suggest this very one. Too bad it's unavailable. I have the navy one that I love. Paid $60, and this one, with it's weird graphic, was going for $15. A steal.



                      I've always had good luck with High Sierra products.

                      I have older versions of the Bubba and Ballbusta. Both are at least 3 years old, get used very often, and are still in excellent condition.




                        Well, I have practical stuff, but I guess I'm looking for things more "put together" than the normal athletic gym bag.



                          I have this bag from Ogio:

                          It fits everything I need it to and has a shoe compartment. It does however look very much like a gym/sports bag.



                            I don't think you're going to find a gym bag that doesn't look like a gym bag that has all the great features(wet/dry compartments, shoe compartments etc) it just wouldn't work without a duffle. I love love love the shoe(or dirty clothes) compartment in my ogio, keeps everything away from shoes and the big pockets where I can throw a lot of stuff in(I usually take large amount of food to work at once)

                            Functionality or looks is pretty much what you're stuck with I think, I shopped for gym bags for about a year looking for the perfect one.