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I trust can't do that (Style Trends)

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    I trust can't do that (Style Trends)

    Style trends burn hot and fast. For just a brief moment something is in and hip. This summer it seems that button down shirts are IN.

    I just can't do it. Maybe it is because I am scrawny. My upper arms just don't fill out the arm holes all that well. Also SS button ups conjure up images of Milton from Office Space.

    What say you; fellow Dappered readers. Is this something you can't do, or is there another trend you can't get behind?


    The problem with something like a button up SS is many items are "american cut" which tends to imply a bit heavier set of an individual, and would have some extra wieght on the arms. A tailored fit may solve that issue, I don't own any SSBD shirts currently as I think polos are a great, however I did like the white shirt Daniel Craig wore in Casino Royale for the Bahamas and would love to get a similar one.



      Bracelets - sorry, just always looks too contrived to me



        Most of the things I see on StyleBlogger.

        Had to do it, sorry. But it's true!



          Agree with shadow, I think its all in the fit, but its also hard to find fitted SS button up shirts. This may be the closest thing I would go to a SS button down..I think its a decent "meet in the middle" approach.



            I have that seersucker popover and it's nice. Baggy though.

            As for the SSBD I'm all for it with a few caveats... As others have mentioned it must fit well, and be snug around the arms halfway up the bicep. Not a problem for me (humble brag?) But I can see it being an issue for others. Second must be patterned. A solid shirt just looks off to me and can make you look like Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men (I've heard, never watch that show...) Third, and this is probably obvious. It's CASUAL! SSBD's are not a substitute for long sleeves, they should only be worn where you'd also wear a polo.

            Dress for style, live for results.



              I never do SS button up, long sleeves with the sleeves rolled looks a lot better and then you dont have to buy more shirts.

              But I am confused about the original post, do you mean long sleeve button downs are in this summer as well? Seems like they have been in for multiple hundreds of years and you would be sort of hard pressed to build a wardrobe without button down shirts.



                I'll give a big vote in favor of short-sleeve button ups. Yes, they are quite casual, but if you are in a casual environment anyways, they will put you a notch above everyone else. They look relaxed while still being sharp, and can be worn with anything from chinos to shorts.

                Personally, I simply can't get behind polos. Maybe I've just never had a good one, but I just can't pull them off. They are more casual than a SSBU, yet they also feel a little more stuffy to me. If I'm going to have a collar on a casual shirt, I'd rather it be on a button up than on a T-shirt.

                But I think that as always, it comes down to fit. Short sleeve button ups get a bad rep because they are often made with a terrible fit (sleeves should NOT go down to your elbows, please), but that doesn't need to be the case.



                  The Lands End shirt above isnt bad... After seeing that its a relaxed fit I opted for a Small- and I normally wear a medium in polo's. I have to wrestle a bit to get it on since it doesnt stretch. Other than that it looks pretty good.

                  Also it was $20 shipped about a month ago. Was this slightly OT?



                    Yeah, @LosRockets, *everything* I see on StyleBlogger looks absurd to me. I can't get on board with the dress shoes without socks thing.

                    Or polos, actually. I just don't like them. Or shorts. I'm a crotchety old man.



                      That LEC popover is pretty much a polo with 2 pockets

                      @ thmage: I wasn't a big polo guy either previously, now I love them because I found ones that fit properly as I posted in the recent purchases. I don't think I'd consider a sunspel polo less dressy than a SSBU, rather I think it would be a step above(that's the blue polo from Casino Royale).

                      Next jcrew sale I will be picking up more polos from them, probably repp version this time.

                      Side Note: loose weave polo = sporty/casual and a tight weave is a lot more dressy as well such as the Grafton one I have, it looks like a dress shirt material and feels very soft.



                        a polo with 2 pockets and in a fabric that polos don't come in



                          With SS shirts, if you're want it tight, just buy it smaller. You're not buttoning the top button and shouldn't care too much about sleeve length. I guess the shoulder vs chest sizing might be an issue, but it doesn't seem to be a big deal to me to just size down.

                          I just got a navy SS oxford shirt and with nice khaki pants and boat shoes (or loafers) it looks great IMHO.



                            I can't get down with the intentional highwater pants on suits and just plain slacks, like showing your entire ankle when standing straight up....It just seems weird to me, like your pants are too short. Maybe it's just me though I just think that looks really odd especially with a suit.



                              I'm on board with SSBD. Check Mossimo.