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Dappered Hiking Men out there- clothing recs

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    I have a pair of garden-variety pants from Columbia that have held up very well. I think that they are Royce Peak II pants. They just look like plain jane chinos from a distance. Shown here on me during an actual hike...



      Avid backpacker and hiker here who recently came back from a year traveling the world, with the trip focused on long treks and epic hikes.

      Pants - Prana Brion. Hands down, end the search here . Flexible, quick drying, sweat wicking, breathable, and doesn't look "tech". I wore these pants to dinner, clubs, bars, and did 10 day backpacking trips through the Peruvian Andes with them. They feel equally at home everywhere. I'll never buy a different pair of hiking pants again.

      Shirt - Smartwool NTS 150 long sleeve shirt. They're pricey at $85 a pop for full price, but I always wait for the sales where they drop to 48-55. Breathable, doesn't smell even if you haven't washed it for 3-5 days and have sweated in it non-stop, even if you're a heavy sweater (yes, voice of experience). They look good, come in a variety of colors, I usually roll up the sleeves but they're nice to roll down when it gets chilly or if you want to keep the sun off.

      Underwear - wool underwear, while pricey, is absolutely amazing for the same smell-free, temperature and moisture regulating properties.

      Sun hat - the one thing I haven't found a variant of that's not completely hikerish/nerdy if you want it to really work well. But functionality > looks outdoors.