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Black suit with a black tie

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  • Black suit with a black tie

    I know the style world is kind of anti-black suit at the moment, so bear with me.

    So I've got a wedding coming up this weekend, and while it's not a "black tie" event, a lot of the family members will be dressing rather formal (my girlfriend being part of the family). I have no intention of renting/buying a tux for this(nor does my girlfriend expect me to), but I figured I'd use this opportunity to wear my oft-neglected black suit. I was considering wearing a solid black tie with the suit, but I'm afraid it might be too...funerally. Thoughts?

    I was planning on rocking a pocket square and either a white or blue shirt (I figure the pocket square will keep it a little less serious).

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    Suppose it depends on what 'rather formal' means. If they're all wearing tuxedos in the middle of the day, then I would try to distance myself from that as much as possible. If it's actual formal evening wear, then I guess you could get away with it. What does the invitation say?

    Come to think of it, didn't 'Men in Black III' premier a little while ago? Might want to avoid any possibility of wisecracks. I'm a wuss and I'd play it safe with a dark navy suit


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      Thanks for the thoughts (haha Men in Black hadn't crossed my mind)

      The invitation says absolutely nothing about it being a black tie event. In fact I was originally planning on wearing seer sucker. It's an evening wedding in Georgia (it will still be light out during the ceremony and undoubtedly hot). I'm being told now however, that many of the men in the family will be wearing tuxedos. Being that I'm no stranger to this family and will likely be in some of the pictures, I figured I'd go with black. Considering that currently black and seer sucker are the only properly fitting suits I own, that part probably isn't going to change (although I have lost a little weight recently, I ought to try on my older charcoal one tonight). I'm more just wondering about the tie.


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        Well, whatever you do, you definitely don't want to look more formal than the wedding party. You also don't want to look like a waiter either.


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          I would brighten up the tie


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            So the invitation doesn't say black tie but some men are going to be in tuxedos just for the hell of it? Wear whatever you want, because I don't think it'll matter with this crowd.


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              nothing wrong with the black suit if its going to be in the evening and you know several people will be in that or tuxes. But don't be afraid to do something with the tie. I wore a black suit to a evening wedding in florida (not on the beach) and a white shirt with thin purple pinstripes and a mulberry tie (see profile picture). Turned out to be the right amount of color, while not looking too casual next to the people wearing tuxes.


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                Thanks for the advice. I might still go with the black suit and a lighter tie, but it seems that my charcoal suit will work too so that's also a possibility (I think I'll be avoiding the black tie regardless).

                I'm going to feel out the situation a little more with the girlfriend and her family. Turns out I'm going to the rehearsal dinner so I'll be able to talk to her Dad/uncles/cousins. I might just bring both suits with me and make my decision after that.