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CTIWBCA: Clothes That I Want But Can't Afford (Under $500)

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    pratyk- looks like hero10 is the code for 10% off. Still too rich for me.



      Slightly above the $500 mark. Someday you will be mine:



        @Jessy I have that jacket in another color way, size 36. I am normally a size 36 in most brands (H&M 36 fits me fine most of the time but I occasionally size up to 38, almost all italian jackets I get off Yoox in 36 fit me perfect). I'm 5'8'' and the jacket fits very snug, the shoulders are actually slightly too large (no padding), and the sleeves are quite long. As for being snug, I am a little thicker in the middle with a 32in waist, and should really be a 30in waist.

        My tailor did complain it was a bit short in jacket length, even on me, but he overall found the quality to be very good for an unlined, unstructured, summer jacket, especially considering the price. I was going to have him take in the shoulders and bring up the sleeves but I like be able to unbutton the cuffs and roll up the sleeves on my casual sport coats, to so I am searching for a tailor willing to do surgeon cuffs on it.

        Alterations are going to cost more than the jacket itself, but I got the red (actually more coral) color and so don't know of any alternatives. Wouldn't go through this for just a navy blazer.

        My shoulders would probably fit better in the size 34 but then the rest would surely be too tight.



          @Runner. I have that watch. It came with a brown leather band that I swapped for black. I love it. I think I paid about $400.



            @VespaMatt I had a size 34 H&M blazer tailored at the sleeves, waist and shoulders, cost me more than the actual jacket, so I can live with that.

            If you could provide the length (from the bottom of the collar) and the shoulder width, that could give me a good approximate. I have a 28" waist, so I don't think it will be too tight if I go with the 34.

            This particular blazer is the only decent option I found at the moment.