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CTIWBCA: Clothes That I Want But Can't Afford (Under $500)

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    CTIWBCA: Clothes That I Want But Can't Afford (Under $500)

    Clothes That I Want But Can't Afford (CTIWBCA).

    In the spirit of the "Recent Purchases" thread I thought that we could list things that we want to purchase but can't afford (or can afford, but can't justify). Any article of clothing can fall into this category.

    For the sake of staying within the Dappered "affordable style" mantra please keep all items under $500.


    Here are mine to start off the thread:

    Blue SuitSupply wool-linen sport coat: I'm in love with the color and texture. I could get away with wearing it to work at my new job, but $300 for an item that I could only wear sparingly is a bit too rich for my blood.

    Navy SuitSupply suit: The nicest suit in SuitSupply's Spring/Summer 2012 lineup in my opinion. I was seriously considering it at $469, but then I decided to count the number of times I wore a suit to work in the last year: twice. My new job may require me to wear a suit more frequently, but I can't justify the purchase until that happens.

    TheTieBar blue ties: I already have four bags full of ties, and at least four navy ties. (I used to wear a tie every day for work.) Still, I really like these. Here are some TheTieBar ties that I already own if you want to steal my style:

    McAllister's in Merlot or Strands in Brown Black shoes are the norm in the UK. I don't own any brown shoes, but it would be nice to have one pair. Still, I don't know when I would ever wear them.

    Converse Jack Purcells or Chuck Taylors I don't own any sneakers, and it might be nice to have a pair for weekends.


    Allen Edmonds of any kind.

    A gray three-piece.



      Three piece tweed suit.

      Dress for style, live for results.



        Mine are more kind of I want them but they seem too frivolous, but I would if I had more $$$. They are either priced higher than I value them or in most cases such unique pieces that I couldn't get much wear out of them.

        Lunnar Chukka by Cole Haan $299 - For walking the dog

        Alpha Khakis in Camo $64 - Fun pants itemdescription=true&navAction=jump&search=true&is Product=true&parentid=SEARCH+RESULTS

        Master Coat Navy/Green Plaid Double Breasted Linen Blazer - $460 This is just so awesome in a ridiculous sort of way

        Any pocket square that is more than $15.



          Been lurking around the past month or so, finally registered

          Paul Smith sunglasses in olive gradient -

          Levi made and crafted 2 tone varsity jacket in leather -

          AE wingtips in walnut -



            This cotton navy blazer :


            It might fit me, but I don't really trust Asos quality-wise. With all the duties and custom fees, I can't afford to try it and then return it if it won't fit.



              Generally speaking absolutely everything in this thread:


              To be a touch more specific, these things:

    'marco'_mo nk_strap_oxford_(men):387453&cm_pla=shoes:menxfords&cm_ven=Froogle&mr:referralID=NA&mr:tracking Code=8EAE94DD-780D-E111-8116-001517B1882A



                I want these more than Strands+Park Aves!




                  Jessy - if it makes you feel any better, that jacket is cropped really short in the body.



                    As mentioned in another thread, a pair of tan (and really, black) McTavish from AE. I can actually more or less afford these, if I find a good deal on a used pair - the real issue is getting around to getting sized at an actual B&M location.

                    Also, a properly nice brown herringbone blazer. I know it's not really in season, but still! I've seen some really nice ones, but generally, they seem to be $300+, which again, while technically affordable, would be accompanied by crushing guilt that would prevent me from enjoying it! Someday...

                    Edit: Might as well just generalize and say any tweed, at all, ever.



                      @nicholas : Yeah, but if this guy is 6'2" and I'm 5'6"...A slightly shorter jacket could make me look a bit taller. Man, I really want a summer navy blazer.



                        But the sleeves are as long as the body. I'm just trying to help talk you out of it. Ha!



                          Here are mine

                          Christopher Ward C60 watch (technically is 570 at this link, but can be had for 499 with a leather band.)


                          QueenCity Dry Goods racer jacket in grey




                            Jordan, I want a Christopher Ward watch too! The C3 Malvern chrono in black/silver and the C5 Malvern in silver/silver/brown are quite nice.

                            thmage, I also want a grey suit.



                              I thought I read somewhere that Christopher Ward had a Fathers day sale going on right now. Any idea if they have a coupon code or something?