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Where to start to build a Chino wardrobe

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  • Where to start to build a Chino wardrobe

    Okay so my current Chino's are a couple PacSun brand Bullhead, khahki and grey. Both have some serious wear and tear so I figured it was time to get some new ones. Where should I start? My only restrictions are price (ideally if I could get a 3 or so pairs for about 100 bucks, I don't need them till the fall so I can wait for a sale) and fit. I figure Dockers would be a good place to start go, anyone vouch for them? If so,do you recommend the D1's or the Alpha khakis? No nearby malls carry either for me to try on.

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    Alphas are great on me. Slimmer than most pants, but you get used to it. I don't know if this is generally the case, but the D1's were a terrible fit on me. Seat was unreasonably tight.

    Land's End [Canvas] also has some good chinos that often go on sale.


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      Alpha Khakis at Marshalls for 15-20$. They really grew on me, and now I love them. Definitely on the very slim side but wow, the material is absolutely amazing, and the colors are fantastic. I have the dark brown and the ghurka and both look great!


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        Wait for a sale and Lands End and either get the Tailored Fit or the Canvas Refined Straight or Slim Fit. They can usually be had on sale for around $25.


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          I just bought two pairs of the GAP 1969 slim chinos, they're lightweight and they fit pretty well imo