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Shirting for the scrawny man

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    Shirting for the scrawny man

    Hi all,

    I have been lurking on various blogs and forums for months now, and I finally thought I would register on a site that I like and ask a question.

    I have recently taken an interest in clothes that actually fit me because, as you may imagine, I was sick of lacking confidence in the way that I look. I finally realized that my 'funeral suit' didn't actually fit me and was never going to be appropriate for job interviews or special occasions, and I finally have enough respectable things in my wardrobe that I can walk into a store and not buy something out of sheer desperation.

    However, that doesn't make finding the right clothes that much easier. I am, by all counts, a very slim man. I'm 5'9 and 135lbs. I fit a 14.5 neck and a 36r jacket, but that leaves a handful of places local to me that I can rely upon for clothes that will come close to fitting me off the rack. Thrifting is difficult.

    I own a couple of things from Zara and H&M, but I am aware that they are kind of crappy. The H&M stuff is cheap, so I'm not that disappointed with the quality, but now that I know how I should look I would like some clothes that are well made.

    I don't have an OCBD to my name, and I need some.

    So what are my options? A MTM outfit like Ratio Clothing? Brooks Brothers extra slim fit + a tailor (I have a tailor that understands my waifish needs)? A JCrew opened here recently (I'm from the Great White North), but I have heard their quality does not reflect their price. I have never been impressed with Banana Republic, both regarding fit and price.

    What say you, skinny men? What do you do for good shirts?


    Lib, have you tried Charles Tyrwhitt's tailored extra slim fit? All of their shirts come in 14.5x29-33. Prices are around $40 per shirt. Another option would be Banana Republic's small which is 14.5x33 (you would have to have the sleeves tailored). They tend to be $30-50 on sale. A third, more expensive option is Brooks Brother's extra slim fit which come in 14.5x32-34. These are $50-60 on sale.



      I'm in the same boat, I take a 36R and what usually ends up being the smallest shirt size in any given store. I recently bought a Tommy Hilfiger slim-fit suit that fits wonderfully, and the only tailoring needed was to shorten the pants and sleeves. As for shirts, Macy's Bar III brand has a slim fit dress shirt that I found to be VERY slim. It fits well off the rack, and they go on sale for like $25.

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        Yes, Brooks Brothers is the only manufacturer to make a 14.5/34. That shirt in Extra Slim Fit is almost as perfect as my custom Ratio Clothing shirt.

        I've catalogued a lot of answers to your questions here:



          Thank you for the replies, and thank you for the link to that thread. Apologies for missing it in my searches. With all the 'slim' and 'skinny' fits these days, I should have known better than to use those as search terms--should have used your tags instead!



            No worries - here to help.



              I've got a 5'10/145lbs build, and I just purchased/received a couple of shirts from Hugh and Crye. They fit great! I'm ashamed to say that H&M has always been the best fitting shirts for me out there, but now I can opt for the higher quality (at a cost) dress shirt that fits nicely. I purchased the "CP3" and the "Rondo" dress shirts (I'm wearing the Rondo today as a matter of fact), and I got the short/skinny size (H&C does sizing by body type and not exact measurements).



                @Gabe : I was curious about H&C, but wasn't sure about their measurement system. I'm the scrawniest of the scrawniest men around here and I'm still looking for options.

                I scored a few J.Crew slim shirts on eBay recently, I'll comment about their fit when I'll receive them.



                  Jessy - I'd give H&C a shot; I was a little skeptical about the sizing as well because even the slimmest of slim dress shirts (outside of H&M, which has massive quality issues) would always be too billowy. If it doesn't fit, you can always return it for a full refund or try another size.



                    I don't know, if it fits you well (and you're probably bigger than me, based on your weight), my guess is that they won't be perfect on me.

                    Next shirt I buy will probably be from Ratio.