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    Last year I purchased a nice Banana Republic linen blazer for a song. Now that the weather is warming up here I am hoping to get some regular use from it.

    The few times I have worn it I noticed that it starts to wrinkle as soon as I slide my first arm in the sleeve. After a few hour of wear the sleeves have so many creases it detracts from the beauty of the jacket. I've asked around for suggestions and always get the response: that's linen.

    I still love the material and with the heat and humidity coming I'd like to add more linen to my wardrobe in the way of shirts and pants. Are there blends to consider that would wrinkle less without forfeiting the lightweight breathability of linen or is something to be embraced like a patina on shoes?

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    Any blend will help reduce, but not eliminate, wrinkles. My personal favorite is wool/silk/linen as it makes for a softer fabric and the wrinkles are more manageable. I have a wool/linen sport coat that does pretty well. I have cotton linen pants that don’t look horrible at the end of the day. Pure linen will wrinkle like crazy, no matter what you do.


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      Big huge +1 to both "that's linen" and the wool/silk/linen blend. I have a Spier sportcoat that's a green slub wool/silk/linen blend from E Thomas that is just out of this world awesome. All the light weight breezy fun of pure linen, with about 10% of the wrinkly nature.

      Quality of the fabric also weighs into it, not all linen is exactly identical. I have a JCF Thompson in linen that wrinkles like CRAZY but 100% linen trousers from Brooks Brothers that, while still wrinkly, aren't *NEARLY* as distracting. They're more of a "yeah you can tell they're 100% linen" type of wrinkles, as opposed to the Thompson that just looks like you've been at the strip club for hours at the end of the day.

      But by and large, wool/linen or wool/silk/linen blends will give a SIGNIFICANTLY lower amount of wrinkling. Linen/cotton will also be a lot less than pure linen, but more than the wool-based blends.

      Or just go fresco wool (or hopsack) with 1/4 or butterfly lining, that's a winning combo too.


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        Also dark linen will have wrinkles but they won’t be as noticeable.