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Assessing briefcase leather and construction quality?

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    Assessing briefcase leather and construction quality?

    I stumbled upon this briefcase ( in my travels which seems to be hand made full grain leather. If so, it looks like it may be a steal, but would like to evaluate whether it's worth the dough (that price isn't dollars, but still). What should I pay attention to? Any heuristics?

    It's not a simple answer, because some briefcases are made to be like tanks and others are meant to be more suave. A few things to look for:
    - Singles piece of leather for each section. Cheaper briefcases are often made from smaller pieces of leather stitched together. Check the back and especially the bottom
    - Reinforcement at stress points. Look where the handle/ strap attaches, and make sure there are quality rivets
    - Evenness of the stitching, especially in the areas where different sides meet
    - Interior lining quality. Good briefcases are either unlined, lined with pigskin, or with cloth (canvas). Polyester lining is cheaper and will wear quicker
    - Quality of the zippers/ hardware. Lobster claws are better than the typical key ring clasp
    - Quality of the strap (if it has one). Cheaper briefcases usually have a canvas strap with leather attached to one side (or no leather at all), and thin padding on the shoulder piece
    - Interior organization. Look for quality pockets that don't bulge and quality interior zippers

    Is the bag in the photo you posted new? The stitching between the left and right side looks rather uneven.