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    Favorite polo?

    I'm having trouble finding a polo that fits. The main issue: I'm 5'9 / 160lbs. Smalls tend to be way too tight, and mediums way too baggy.

    Anyone know of a brand where:

    (a) the small runs on the baggier side or

    (b) the medium is -very- slim fit

    Brands I've tried:

    - Lands End Canvas: small was insanely small, medium too big

    - JCrew: medium is just a little too big, though I might be able to go with their small

    - Target: can't remember, but I think I had the same issue - just remember not seeing a good fit


    I love the Gap Slim Fits that Joe mentioned in the Polopalooza post. Also, the Mossimo polos that Target used to have were great, but it seems like they've been discontinued.



      I second both that BJ listed. I have two pairs of the old Mossimo's from Target from last year, and am worried that i'm going to wear them out - they're perfect.

      But, the new Gap ones fit pretty well too. Best I've found this season, anyway.



        Might be a good option - I have something like $65 of gap gift cards I need to get rid of



          Give those surprising Arizona polos from JC Penny a try, they were mentioned on Dappered a little while back. They're cheap and fit perfectly (at least for me). You might have some luck.

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            Did you try jcrew slim fit or regular? I have non slum med and it fits like I had it made, slim would be too tight for me. Also try lands end tailored, not LEC. Also LE polos all fit slightly different



              Zero: try the small at J.Crew. I'm your height, and 170. Do not put it in the dryer if you can help it.



                Target medium athletic fit works on a 39 chest 28 waist pretty decently!



                  Like, redsubway, said try the arizona ones. I found out about them from the polo palooza post also. I like the way it fits, although I thought they ran a little small. Small was too small and tight, the medium's sleeves felt tight around my arms(I'm 6'0 & about 136lbs, yeah skinny and still too tight on the arms for me)so I went with the large, good length and doesn't do the blouse thing.And they are just $9 for the whole month of June(or at least thats what the sign next to them said)

                  My job gave us a $100 gift card to a bunch of stores like; Banana rep. Brooks bro,Express,Gap,LL bean, Lands End,Macy's, and even Neiman Marcus. I'm trying to get the most for my $$, thats why the arizona polo worked for me.I'm using that polo article to go pick up either Gap or express polo also,need one or 2 more.



                    Regular Land's End's small polos are big. I'm a 38 in suits and wear their small polos. Their mediums are huge.



                      Thanks all. I'll try a few more on and see what I can find.



                        Do the Arizona polos shrink in the wash? The small fits me perfectly, though I may have to size up if they shrink any



                          What's the material? You can always wash cold and hang dry.

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                            Im an inch taller and about 5lbs heavier and the jcrew slim fit repp pique polos fit me great.



                              I second what Jordan said. I get a L in LEC polos these days, but I've picked up 3 of the J. Crew slim fit repp pique slim fit polos and the XLs fit well (my chest measurement falls just inside the LEC L range but just outside of the J. Crew one). The XLs might be a bit long to leave untucked in my case, but I'm still a fan.