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  • wsupjs
    What a fun idea!

    1. Weller Antique store pick 750mL (pricing and quality of store pick will vary in your area, but both are great around here, when I can find it)
    2. BestGrips Microperf Leather Golf Grips. They're handmade in the US, and perform better than standard rubber grips in every way. They cost a bit more up front, but save you money in the long run due to their longevity.
    3. Sonax Perfect Finish. The best automotive polish (and probably detailing product overall) I've ever used.
    4. Ex Officio Give N Go Boxer Brief
    5. Burrito from Currito, Qdoba, or Chipotle (preference in that order). I eat them at least once a week.
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  • idvsego
    1. Spotify Premuim
    2. Dove Men +Care Ultra Hydrating Cream
    3. A decent USB power bank
    4. Any Kershaw pocket knife under $25
    5. Barton Premuim silicone watch strap

    Bonus...casio mrw-200h watches. Not too "dappered" but if you are active or need a beater watch, its hard to do better than these for the price.

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  • Arête
    1. Chipotle Double Steak Burrito Bowl
    2. Everyman Classic Book
    3. Midnight in Paris (Movie)
    4. An American in Paris (Soundtrack)
    5. 1lb High Quality Coffee Beans

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  • skewl
    Like this idea a lot, my five:

    1. MPow Cheetah bluetooth earbuds. Good sound quality (shockingly good for the price), sweatproof, and last a decent amount of time (I think I've had my current pair about 2 years) but cheap enough where replacing them isn't the end of the world

    2. Lodge cast iron skillet. Got 3 of them when I moved into my first apartment about 3 years ago, gifted one to my mother and the other 2 have touched pretty much every meal I've cooked since I got them.

    3. Capresso electric burr grinder. I got a floor model for like $20 a couple years ago on a deal but paying full price for that or a cheaper burr grinder is a very worthy investment and makes a huge difference in your morning coffee. Here's a cheaper manual one that sneaks under the $25 threshold:

    4. Dollar shave club. Grooming aficionados, gasp away, but to walk out the door with no visible stubble after a 3 minute, reasonably comfortable shave for $3 a month is a beautiful thing and enough for me (I'm fortunate enough to have good skin that doesn't get razor burn)

    5. Vibes earplugs. I want to be able to hear when I'm 60, so I wear these to concerts and they block a lot of noise, though you hardly even notice because what does come through is super clear

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  • whereismurder
    started a topic Best stuff under $25

    Best stuff under $25

    Inspired by this post on gear patrol

    I wanted to start a thread where everyone recommends their 5 favorite things which cost under $25 (15 seems excessive). It doesn't have to just be clothes, although it could be. Very interested to see everyone's lists.

    1 Pendleton bandana - I just got this guy and it is fantastic. Head band, face mask, scarf, ascot, pocket square, hanky. Sized nice and large, but not too crazy, great pattern.
    2. Post it note dispenser - kind of left field but I have post its everywhere in my office and this completely changed the game.
    3. Apple music - $9.99/mo = nearly every song you can ever think of. Hands down it is my favorite thing about living in modern society.
    4. Fresh 3/$12 flowers from Publix - adds a touch of life, class, and beauty to my house plus they smell great and come in a myriad of colors and types.
    5. Mystic Knotwork Original Sailor Bracelet - Go ahead, call me preppy. I buy one a year and it stays on my wrist until I get the next the following year.