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    Interesting thread. Off the top of my head
    1. Wegmans sushi. Great treat for lunch. Love the salmon sashimi.
    2. Under Armour tech ts. In my opinion the best staple workout shirt. Moisture wicking. Tapered fit. Great colors. Take a beating and last years for under 20.
    3. As other mentioned craft beer. Support your local brewery. I no longer want to waste calories on a Miller lite unless absolutely necessary aka at a baseball game etc. I’d rather have 1 nice beer.
    4. Hanes comfort x temp under shirts. Seem to always be at Marshall’s and a great under shirt. Can take a beating, breathable and cheap enough to toss when ready to replace.
    5. Suit supply outlet ties. The best part of the outlet to me. Awesome ties with texture for I believe around 20 when you buy 3 or more. Love ties and cannot help but pick some up every outlet.


      1. Spier & Mackay long sleeve polos. Start with one in navy.

      2. Viccel braided belts. Great, inexpensive stretchy casual belts with no specific holes so you can get the perfect fit. I buy all my dress socks from them too.

      3. Uniqlo Supima cotton t-shirts. Their staple solid coloured ones are a great deal, but IÂ’m liking these ones with the thick stripes.

      4. Kodak Tri-X b&w film. If you have any film camera lying around, load it up with this and join the plethora of famous photographers from the past 6 decades, and enjoy the classic look that it encapsulates.

      5. ChaiÂ’s new album Punk.


        Best stuff under $25

        I'll play, I love to find more things I never knew I needed so much.

        1. CamelBak Eddy 32oz water bottle. Yes, with a built in straw. I always drink so much more out of this bottle than any other I own and I attribute it to the straw.

        2. Pair of Thieves SuperFit boxers from Target. Wait for a sale or clearance but they feel great in this particular blend.

        3. Stance Gamut no-show socks. Fit great and are a nice blend of thin but not flimsy. Found these by accident at Marshalls.

        4. Armor All car vent air fresheners. I like these because they blend in with the vents. I think they're a decent bit cheaper in store.

        5. Audible / library subscription. I've been into the audio books as of late. Most libraries have an audio book selection now as well.

        Bonus since I thought of this after. Recommended on a reddit thread about budget cologne and didn’t dissapoint. Nautica Voyage Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette Spray for Men, 3.4 oz
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          1. Uniball Jetstream ballpoint pens (~$2.00/pen)

          Definitely my favorite pen that I keep in my office, house, briefcase, car, etc. Cheap enough to lose or use and throw out, quality enough to enjoy writing with.

          2. Podcasts/Libby app (free)
          Sometimes you get more than you pay for. I listen to a couple podcasts a day on my commute to/from work and gym, or else an audio book. Sometimes there's a long wait for an audio book that's particularly in demand, but not often, and I can usually knock out a book once a month.

          3. The Athletic subscription (various deals, usually about $5/month)

          With newspapers dying, it's hard to find really good sports writing, especially longer-form stuff. They're growing exponentially, and you get access to everything, not just your regional teams. Not sure if this business model is sustainable, given the number of big-time writers they've hired, but interesting to watch.

          4. Pair of Thieves undershirts ($22/2-pack)

          Finally, an undershirt that is form fitting, has a bit of stretch, AND is long enough to stay tucked in. Occasionally I'll be delinquent on vdoing laundry and have to wear an old Hanes shirt and the difference is obvious. Also love the Super-fit boxer briefs as mentioned above.

          5. Nalgene 32 oz. water bottle (Amazon's page for this is weird, but generally around $10)
          I had to have one of these for military indoc training last month and I've continued using it in my daily life since. I was definitely under-hydrating before, and now I shoot for a gallon of water per day. Having this on my desk and knocking out one bottle first thing/on the way to work, two during the day, and one around my workout makes it easy.

          6. Car deep cleaning ($25)
          I try to do this twice a year at a place near me. They vacuum and clean the interior along with a great automatic wash.


            1. S’well water bottle (~$17). Perfect width to drink without spilling, great insulation, easy to clean, never leaks.
            2. Goodfellow hybrid swim shorts ($24.99). These have an internal drawstring, which is not shown in the product shots, but it makes them perfect.
            3. Nike Training Club app (free). Great workouts, lots of options for time, focus/target, and available equipment.
            4. Cremo shave cream ($7). I may weep if they ever stop selling this.
            5. Nike dri-fit golf caps. I look terrible in most hats, but these are low-profile, breathable, and accommodating of my giant head. Unlike most Nike products, they’re not overpriced (my favorite was in the golf section at Target, $23). The unisex ones seem to be a step down in quality, though.

            I’m gonna have to check out those Vibes earbuds. Amazon wood hangers get an honorable mention.