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    I just turned 4-0, high time to start dressing my age. An average day to work is a nice pair of slim fitting jeans & a t shirt. The question is, what kind of t shirt, polo, shirt? Graphics of skulls are out, I don't mind limited edition Kid Robot prints or the like. What shoes? The fav converse by Varvatos are great but I'd like a little more flavor. What about evenings & weekends with the family @ museum etc? Any advice?


    You need to narrow it down to what you want to wear, such as:

    are you looking for dress shoes?

    do you want polos? long sleeve casual(not tucked in) button ups?

    whos style do you want to emulate?

    etc. would help.



      Consider henleys or pocket tees as a step up from graphic tees. Button down shirts are great too, but might be a bigger adjustment. (As always, focus on fit)

      Evenings and weekends at the museum, I would throw a blazer over your button-down (perhaps even over a tee-shirt if you can pull that off) and be good to go.

      One other thing, consider getting some slim-fit chinos as well. They're casual enough to wear like jeans, but they are a great combo-breaker.

      Hope that helps!



        Ok, I like limited sneakers, the sneakers & shirt combo sounds interesting. Not too keen on the dress shoes, suede brogues are about as far as I'll take it. I'd like to start wearing blazers when I go out, but where to begin?



          Jude law did a lot of blazers with T shirts, that might be a good start for finding colour combos if you like the idea.

          Check allen edmonds "Strawfut" for something a bit dressy but very casual(mesh and leather) as an idea of more playful dress shoes. It would be rather hard to match sneakers with a blazer, those breathe very well while looking sharp

          I have a Jcrew Broken In Polo, it's quite fitted a bit casual as it is meant to look like it's one of your most worn shirts etc. That would be a nice change from a T shirt but not a huge change from what you're used to, they also have darker colours.



            Really, just following Dappered posts and soaking up the Primer get-ups will give you tons of ideas:



              I'm in a similar position as you, H2K. I work at an ad agency (VERY casual workplace) but I want to start looking a little nicer. By no means do I want to start wearing a suit into work, but I'm trying to step it up from just flip-flops, a t-shirt, and jeans every day. (Or shorts. Haha. I told you, we're casual.) I've been throwing a blazer in the mix every now and then, wearing more button-ups, sticking to dark jeans or chinos, and trying to expand my shoe repertoire.

              Those Allen Edmonds Strawfut shoes are pretty sweet, but I bought a cheap and even more casual version of that recently. It's not an "investment" shoe, so I wouldn't expect to get more than a couple of years of wear out of them, but they've got the style I was looking for. They're wingtips, but they aren't brogues. And only $40. It's called the Robert Wayne Atlas, and it comes in black or brown.

              I've also been wearing more boat shoes, suede oxfords, and stuff like that. That kind of stuff tends to look fine with a blazer. I got a pair of bright red Sperrys that I like a lot.

              There's also a pretty cool shoe by Vans called the Pritchard that's basically a sneaker disguised as an Oxford. The sole is flat, but they put a little notch where the heel would be, so if you look at it from the side, it looks more dressy. I have them in a tan-ish suede, but they come in some pretty sweet colors and materials. My favorites are either the blue nubuck ones or the tweed ones.



                I second thmage on the chinos, too. Around Christmas time, all the Marshall's and T.J. Maxxes in my area had tons of the Dockers Alpha khakis in a bunch of colors, so I stocked up for about $12-$17 a pair. I've been wearing those a lot. They're still VERY casual, but nice. I've got them in a bunch of neutral colors (brown, khaki, army green, grey) and also in a bunch of fun colors (red, orange, bright blue)



                  Bright red boat shoes? The horror :P



                    I stayed up at night debating the red LEC boat shoes. Those look awesome.



                      I recently turned 44 and have been going through a style revamp myself over the last year. Last year my job went from suits 4 days a week and business casual Friday to very casual. Heck, some of the guys wear shorts and flip-flops, which I still refuse to do in an office environment.

                      I've gone from wearing light wash jeans that were too long to more fitting dark wash jeans. I realized my shirts always looked big on me, so I sized down and replaced most of my long sleeve button ups (sorry, I always tuck), and polos. I got lucky and found a pair of tan Bostonian split-toe dress shoes and a pair of J&M saddle bucks at a thrift store very cheap. Both look great with jeans and have been my go to shoes instead of the tennis shoes and casual shoes I used to wear. With the help of Dappered, I picked up the Merona navy cotton blazer at Target. I also thrifted a nice tan houndstooth blazer.

                      People have noticed, too. Our receptionist has nicknamed me "GQ". I wore the tan blazer with jeans and the saddle bucks one day and my boss said I looked like a college professor. My wife thinks I'm cheating on her because I've changed my look. I tell her I'm just trying to look more sophisticated and dress my age and that I want to look good for her.