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Tailor recommendations in San Francisco

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    Tailor recommendations in San Francisco

    Hi guys,

    I was hoping that someone could recommend a reasonably priced tailor in San Francisco. Ideally either downtown or near Pacific Heights, but at this point, I'm willing to travel. I've been having terrible luck lately.




    Hey Greg, I had a suit jacket tailored at this little hole in the wall place in Berkeley it was called "Advanced European Tailoring"... I'd say the owner did a really good job, the pricing was a bit steep (but not too bad). Here's his yelp page:

    Give him a call, he's a pretty laid back guy (quite young) and I think he mentioned his family were all tailors as well. Good luck man.



      Bringing back this thread from the gave to ask the same question:

      Can anyone recommend a good tailor with reasonable prices in San Francisco?

      Hopefully travelling to Berkeley just for a tailor isn't necessary. I've yelped some, but I figure I would give more weight to fellow dappered readers' recs. Thanks!



        I have a blazer at C&W on Noriega, a block from my house. I'll let you know how it goes, but I was surprised to spend $38 just to lengthen the sleeves.

        Highly rated on Yelp and was recommended here on Dappered Threads before:



          Thanks for the quick response. Please do let us know how it goes.

          Almost everything is a notch more expensive in SF compared to other bay areas, but I couldn't tell ya if $38 is too much/too little/reasonable for that work. I'm pretty new to this whole tailor thing.

          Thanks again and I'll keep an eye out for an update.



            I've found costs all over the map. Movers here charged $90/hour for three guys while Milwaukee rates were $108/hour for only two guys. Grocery prices are MUCH cheaper than I'm used to in Milwaukee too.

            That said, I usually would spend $15 to alter sleeves, so this was quite the price premium. There are a few other seamstresses on the block, but you can really be gambling with a place that doesn't specialize in men's clothing.



              ^ And then he sees our gas prices. :P



                We're down to one car, so I'm pretty immune to the gas prices. =)

                The jacket sleeves were tailored well by C & W, but Mei was totally distracted when I dropped it off. I asked for a 1/2" and got 1/4"...still in the ballpark.

                Today, she wasn't in at first, so I wandered down the street to drop off the dry cleaning (Fay Cleaners - they were recommended) and came back when she was there. Much different - she pinned up my pants and got everything perfect. I'm pretty confident the pants will turn out really well. Still spendy at $50 for hemming and tapering of pants. She's slimming the seat of the pants for "free". =D

                I'll stick it out here. Can't complain about the walk - it's just a block from my house!