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What was your first Dappered purchase?

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    First purchase from here were the LEC moc toe boots. Only wore a few times but I really like them. I also got 2 RL duffle bags from here.

    I bought the AE shawl sweater too. Didn't think I was gonna like it but I did. Got compliments on it too. Winter wasn't too cold so it came out a few times. A little of topic but I'm thinking it might work really well on the motor bike on colder days with a jacket on,keep that neck warm, and still look dappered,HA.


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      Dappered pretty much got me back into watches. I'm pretty sure my first dappered inspired purchase was a seiko that Joe mentioned in one of his "Steal the Style" posts (this one for Daniel Craig in an Esquire shoot I believe).

      Fast forward to today, I just got my CH Air Adams in the mail for a new pair of beaters. Happy times.


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        Sebago Hamiltons for me too, and I badly needed a pair considering how often the streets flood in Houston.


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          Joe really needs to harness our collective buying power. I think LEC realized it with the Store Wars, but it's pretty incredible when sleepy sale items that floated around for a while are suddenly sold out by 8a the morning his post goes live. There are many sites that wish they this kind of influence on actual purchases.


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            I've often wondered how much traffic he drives to sale sites.

            First for me was Neumoks I think.

            Dress for style, live for results.


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              The Merona Kensington blazer at Target in navy. Has been a lifesaver here in Texas as the temperature is already climbing.