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    Ok one sec here, waist size is usually around your mid section(belly button) for the MTM shirts I've ordered that's what waist was and HIPs was the lower part. So for myself 42" chest, my waist measures 33 and hips are 40".

    Depending on what area they mean, that would either fit like a tent on me or it might be very good fit, so I'd clarify that if you want it actually fitted, or try express shirts that fit you through the chest, waist and hips and use those measurements and then return it



      am I crazy or would your chest not be much larger than your waist?



        What he actually meant is that the garment would measure 41" at the waist. So the confusion comes in that the 40" chest measurement is a body measurement and the 41" measurement is a garment measurement.

        I followed up with him to get some more info and he was super responsive. Even sent me links to how his measurements were done and made sure I understood that garment measurement was going to be bigger than a body measurement. Obviously I knew that already but pretty awesome that he is making sure I have all the info and understand it so I can make an informed decision.

        Here is what he came back with:

        "40 Chest Slim Fit:

        Garment Chest Measurement: 45" (22.5" across)

        Garment Waist Measurement: 41" (20.5" across)

        Garment Seat/Hips Measurement: 42.5" (21.25" across)"

        And here is the link to their "How to Measure Guide"



          No sure why their waist measurement is so big for a Slim Fit

          @Jordan you would be crazy, If you're a bit built you should have a V taper to your body, which are usually the types of people looking for a slim fit.



            ....and a V shape would indicate a much larger chest than waist. I should have said "wouldn't it be much bigger" than how i worded it. It came off backwards.



              Depends on what you would thing much larger is, but a few of us from other threads have around a 8-11" drop between waist and chest. For reference Arnie at his peak was ridiculous and had a 34" waist with 57" chest. That may be off as they say he had 28.5" thighs which seems small for a man of his size and weight.




                Well I have been doing lots of measurement comparisons lately and their measurements aren't totally out of line to me. The difference between the chest and waist is right in line with a bunch of other companies.

                Here are some other options (all garment measurements:

                Chest, Waist, Hip, Difference (Chest-Waist) Difference (Hip-waist)

                Ratio - 45.00 41.00 42.50 4.00 1.50

                Calibrate "Trim Fit" - 44.13 39.38 41.00 4.75 1.63

                Hugo - 39.38 36.25 40.13 3.13 3.88

                Boss Black "Slim Fit" - 40.50 36.63 41.00 3.88 4.38

                Club Monaco - 41.00 37.00 40.13 4.00 3.13



                  Ratio will even put in a locker loop for hanging, upon request. Or make the collar points larger or smaller. Or change the cuff size. Truly anything. But if you stick to the basic customizations on the site, you'll be very satisfied. The deep customizations are more for the freaks. =)

                  The Ratio slim fit template is very reasonable. It's not ultra tight, but there isn't extra fabric. If you're not exactly slim, the regular fit will accomodate.



                    Just placed an order for the white pinpoint in a semi spread collar, double mitred cuffs, side pleats, and a seamless placket.

                    After talking with Eric I decided to go full customization and provided him all of my measurements exactly how I wanted them and he said that would be no problem at all and more importantly no extra charge. With the Facebook coupon of $25 off it only came out to $64 which I think is a very reasonable price for an American made fully customizable MTM shirt from a company with fantastic custom service so far.

                    This is my first MTM shirt so we shall see how it goes.



                      You'll be thrilled!



                        Thanks for all the advice guys. I ended up having to delay my shirt purchase cause I found a pair of AE Van Ness on eBay, which I couldn't pass up.