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    Business Casual

    Hey all,

    So I work in construction management and I will be returning to the office after working some time in the field. The office is business casual; khakis, button down shirts, and shoes are typical. They also don't like anything too edgy... I am one of the younger people in the office and I want to have that "take me seriously but I still have style" look. I got some D1 dockers which fit very nicely, some j crew factory button downs, and I plan on investing in some blazers and pocket squares. Please post blazer options if you have them.

    However, I'm stuck on the shoes. Can't decide if I should get loafers or oxfords, what shade of brown, etc. I have some options, any help is appreciated!

    The detail in the thompsons might be a little over the edge, but made in Italy for $100??


    You don't want to wear the same shoes everyday, as it will put a lot of stress on them. I would suggest one lace-up and one loafer.

    I agree that the Thompson has a little too much 'edge'. In the shoes that you posted, I would go for something like the Devon (or another cap toe) in a darker shade of brown.

    For a loafer, I like the penny loafer idea, but I think the two you posted are a little stumpy looking. I would try to find something a bit slimmer in the toe. For a color, maybe you could get away with a cognac, or you might be better off with black if you can fit it with the rest of your color scheme.

    I wouldn't worry about showing your style. You are obviously interested, and you mention the importance of correct fit which should set you apart even if the actual pieces you wear are of a more classic style.



      Whatever you wear make sure you have a spare change of clothes at the office when you have to go on site to look at a problem. I work in MEP consulting and got called out wearing nice clothes and muddied them all up.



        Thanks guys - chrisw did you have any recommendations for the shoes?

        and willsee, yes a spare set is always needed. i've been in the same place where i messed up a good pair of clothes in the field lol.

        any thoughts on this jacket from levi's?



          You should also check out its a great website for men's fashion tips