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Why Are Guys So Afraid of Irons?

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    Originally posted by Shade View Post
    Ha! I know this all sounds nerdy as hell but I'm really just trying to get a handle on this water situation...


      Originally posted by evanparker View Post
      My entire wardrobe is about 98% need-to-iron ocbd at this point. I can say that now, non-iron shirts are not my thing, having semi sensitive skin, and loving the feeling of a nice starched oxford, and the trad collar roll of a good stiff button down collar.

      the non-iron trick is definitely a trade off, but its a VERY VERY neat time saving trade-off. it's very easy to say why people like it. it's 3 hours back in your schedule, or you don't have to go by the dry cleaner anymore for weekly dress shirt cleaning.

      good ones work really well. even if they're not for me, i know exactly why people are enthusiastic about them. they're awesome.
      Definitely this, and often times, it's hard to even find a proper dress shirt that is not non-iron from mainstream brands.


        Amen to that! I HATE IRONING but it's a must. Even non-iron shirts seem to need a touch up. I do have a portable steamer now which helps but I have come to the conclusion that ironing will be part of my life til the day I die.