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Thoughts on this shoe for casual work wear?

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    Thoughts on this shoe for casual work wear?

    Where I work, the typical day is a button down shirt + dress pants (no tie).

    I currently have:

    - a pair of black cap-toes ( florsheim imperial )

    - a pair of burgundy quarter brogues ( johnston & murphy aldrich II ) - punched cap toe

    Looking to find a simple dark brown shoe that will work with grey slacks.

    Thoughts on this shoe on sale at Nordstroms?

    Or is this more of a casual / jeans type shoe?


    i think its a nice looking shoe, casual yes Jeans, eh...i think the shoe looks like a norwegian split toe without the split. So I would do the casual look with grey slacks and an odd jacket (sports coat or something of the like)

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      I find myself once again agreeing with Max. That shoe is real nice, real expensive too (even on sale). That shoe is not super casual (because it's darker brown), but can work with jeans if they're slim and are dark indigo. They would work with wool grey slacks without a doubt. Ballin even.

      Getting back to the price, I think you would be able to find a decent pair of used brown AE's (Strands are my joints) on ebay for less than that.

      If the price doesn't bother you, then go for it.