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Wool-Linen Blend Suit

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    Wool-Linen Blend Suit


    I am trying to get some opinions regarding wool-linen blend suits. I am considering purchasing this Hilfiger suit from :

    I am an attorney working in a situation where I wear suits 4-5 days a week. I also live where it reaches 100+ degrees Fahrenheit, but at least it is generally dry (California, trying to avoid seersucker). What are your thoughts on this suit? My main concern with linen is that it may look unprofessional. I'm sure that a full linen suit would be inappropriate, especially for the courtroom, but what about this wool-linen blend? I have heard that the blends do a better job of keeping their shape and avoiding, as best they can, getting too wrinkly throughout the course of the day. Currently, my wardrobe is restricted to only wool suits, some lighter than others, but even the light ones are pretty warm on a hot day.

    Also, any idea whether these overstock hilfiger suits actually compare to the hilfiger suits you run into in macy's? I have a few hilfiger suits that I really like. If this has the same sort of fit, it could certainly be a winner.

    Thanks for the input.


    Like Joe's post today says, the wool component helps the fabric stay in shape. Still, it would be a good habit to not wear the jacket while you drive or are seated for a long period of time, if you can avoid it. This kind of fabric is a good bridge for being cooler without looking casual. Just have to watch for the polyester linings which can trap heat. This one looks partly lined, which is good.

    I don't know anything about Hilfiger I can't help you there.



      I ended up pulling the trigger, so I will report back.



        Those shoulders are a no go for me based on the pics. I'm looking forward to your report.



          Okay. So I picked up the suit from the tailor earlier this week, I only had to have the sleeves adjusted and the pants hemmed, and wore it out yesterday.

          First thing to note. This is from the same line as the rest of the current Hilfiger suits, so see Joe's posts about those do determine if the suit is a good look for you. As stated above, some people are not fond of the shoulders.

          As particular to this suit and my observations regarding the wool/linen blend:

          1) The pinstripes are a bit more apparent than in the photos on overstock

          2) The jacket is only lined through the shoulders (awesome)

          3) When I wore the suit outside yesterday for a pretty significant amount of time in 95 degree weather, I was noticeably cooler than the day before, when I was wearing a hilfiger all wool, fully lined suit. I was worried with 50% wool it would still be warm, but I found it remarkable how much cooler I was.

          4) Unlike full linen suits, people won't notice this suit isn't the standard wool business suit unless they get up real close or feel the fabric. A big plus for me since I have to wear these suits to work and potentially in the courtroom.

          5) After a full day's wear, the suit was slightly more wrinkled than a traditional wool suit. However, I will certainly be able to wear it again, and likely a few times, before I need to worry about the wrinkles. This is far different from my all-linen sportcoat which is basically a wear once and it looks like it has been on the floor of a dorm room for 3 weeks style. This is a big plus with the wool/linen blend as I have experienced cotton/linen blends to not provide much help in the wrinkle department. I think the heavier weight of the wool really helps.

          Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchase. Overstock shipped quickly. I like the looks of the Tommy suit (I have two others in all wool). And, most importantly, it works great in hot weather and should keep me cool on hot days where I still need to look professional. Would definitely recommend.



            Great to hear.

            One way to deal with the wrinkles would be to hang it up in the bathroom as you take a shower. The moisture will release the wrinkles, and it can air out overnight before you put it on.