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Will this Jacket be warm enough for a Northeast Winter?

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    Will this Jacket be warm enough for a Northeast Winter?

    So I was considering buying this parka/bomber jacket for when the weather gets pretty frigid in the Northeast but I wasn't sure if it would be warm enough. Any thoughts...

    Based on the price I would suspect that coat is rather thin in terms of insulating power. I've got a Canada Goose Chilliwhack bomber jacket in a similar style that is frankly overkill for 98% of winter weather conditions even here in Montana, but it's a heavy duty, 625 fill duck down coat that just happens to be in a shorter bomber style.

    This looks like more of a fashion jacket than anything and doesn't even list the weight of the insulation (for example - a synthetic insulated jacket with 200g insulation weight would be quite warm, whereas 50g is pretty light), so I would be surprised if it were particularly heavy duty.

    You will likely have to see it in-person to see whether it's going to be heavy enough or not.


      Agreed with LBD. That being said if you’re looking for something on the cheaper side (parkas can quickly skyrocket in price) you might want to give Abercrombie a look. They’ve come a long way from what their clothing used to be. Last year I impulse bought a down filled parka from them during a winter sale that coincided with a terrible cold front we were experiencing. Paid roughly $100 for it and it has performed remarkably well.

      This one is pretty close to the one I purchased last year but without the shearling collar and extra pockets.


        Might as well get the Uniqlo ultra warm down coat. If you want to invest a bit more, go with Eddie Bauer.


          Definitely not. Despite them saying it has some insulation, jackets that really have insulation usually make a bigger deal out of it.

          If you're into the look of the coat, it does look like it might be a functional early spring shell, but it definitely has minimal insulation.

          Usually jacket makers toot their own horn as much as humanly possible that it's good to -20 degrees F or something like that.

          As much as the regular Canada Goose logo on your sleeve is tacky as hell, and very basic-bitch "i'm insecure and need to tell everyone i bought the my first expensive coat" trendy from two years ago, that fake one is even more tacky.

          something like this kind of marketing talk is much warmer,

          "Light activity: to 30° Moderate activity: to -20°"


            I would add that you should get something longer.