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Suggest a casual summer shoe!

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    Suggest a casual summer shoe!

    Alright, so, here's the problem... I'm not down with boat shoes. I never have been, and I probably never will be. I spent the first six months of their resurgence making fun of people I knew who wore them, and since then, I've just sort of resigned myself to defeat. I don't really do loafers, either.

    But man, boat shoes and loafers account for like a full half of what people tell you to wear during casual outings in warm weather! I'm thinking more like the tone Bass puts out, but less clunky and dad-like. Nordstrom's 1901 seems to have some good options, but I'm not in love with most of their color options. It's just, I typically wear boots, and I'm finding that they seem less and less appropriate with the tone of the outfits that I've started putting together now that the weather has officially gotten hot as hell (HAH).

    I've got a pair of Clarks Jinks that kind of fill the spot at the moment, but I'd like something less... Clarksy. I also have a pair of blue suede cap toes I got from UO on sale that I really enjoy, but find somewhat limited, as I wear dark jeans and navy khakis often and it's a little monochromatic to rock blues shoes with them. Presently considering, but it's hard to get a sense for the sizing. Anyone else have any brands or styles they favor?


    I'm with you, I don't care for boat shoes at all. Never have, never will. I'm okay with a pair of loafers, but ultimately I will always choose a pair of laceups. I find a dark blue nubuck is great for summer. It adds a nice touch of color without being overpowering.

    Johnston & Murphy sales several lines of Suede/Nubuck Oxfords, which can be found for under a $100. Here are some links I pulled from the J&M website (don't buy from there as they can be foudn cheaper elsewhere).




    I just bought a pair of the Hush Puppies Carver Oxford, really comfy.

    You could also always go with a pair of laceups from Bass. At DSW, you can get them for $50-60.



      @pitseleh - +1 on the J&M's that somaticmarker1 mentioned. The Dolby's have a lighter (crepe?) sole while the Brennans have a heavier Vibram sole. I've got a pair of Sebago Salems which I really like. The color is spot one and the sole has contrast, but not too much.

      Instead of bucks, you could also go for a pair of chukkas/desert boots. That's what I've got my eye on at the moment.



        Loving the hush puppies' Carver myself! +1



          Wow, a lot of those would work pretty well, yeah! As far as DBs, I have a brown suede pair, and was actually thinking about getting a pair of beeswax ones for the summer.

          For the two of you who have Hush Puppies, do they run small, large, or are they true to size? Thanks!



            Do they have to be a leather shoe? Are you anti-sneaker as well? Cause as someone who also despises boat shoes, and someone who refuses to wear them even if they think they might like them, I tend to wear shoes like a Jack Purcell or something like that.

            There's a chain store in my area called Gabriel Brothers and they're kind like an Odd Lots for clothes. Usually they have a lot of urban oriented stuff but I love the shoes I can find there. Usually they're completely rare and unreleased shoes from all the big guys. I have this weird pair of low top Nikes that are tweed and brown leather. I love them and wear them a lot in the summer.



              What about a pair of Camp Mocs from Eastland or Ranger Mocs from Rancourt?





                but with laces, i don't like how they look without laces.