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Nice shoes to go with these chinos

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    Nice shoes to go with these chinos

    Hey guys,

    Been following this site for a few months, and i love all the recommendations and guides.

    I bought this chino from BR - 52

    (light khaki) color, and i was wondering what are some good shoes that go with these kind of chinos?

    My black express dress shoes look horrible with these i think and same goes with my converses lol


    Black leather dress shoes would definitely work with these, depending on what you wore on top.

    But brown leather shoes, especially more casual blucher style shoes, would be the bread and butter with chinos like those. More options range from loafers to boat shoes to chukkas in a wide range of colors.



      The world is your oyster here. You can search the forum, we've done a lot of topics on shoe choice. Like NC said, boat shoes, chukkas, mocs, loafers, casual wing tips (blucher or long wing), suede bucks, a variety of boots in the fall. Even sandals if that's your thing.

      I'd avoid the black dress shoes with these altogether, personally.

      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



        Brethren, you can wear whatever with those chinos.

        My preferences are Chucks, chukkas, nice driving loafers, etc.

        It's whatever.



          Black shoes + khaki chinos are a disgusting look. Maybe try some dark brown suede chukkas?

          The model on the banana republic site is wearing Clarks Desert Boots (taupe suede and beeswax)



            I publicly and emphatically agree with zerostyle.



              Thanks guys!!



                I'd also go with dark brown, or even blue. I'm not a fan of the black/khaki look, either. To be fair though, strictly speaking, black and beige are very complementary, and I've seen people pull it off, but most don't, and I don't think those pants would, either. If you were talking about wearing a slimmer cut of pants with a more vivid hue, though, I'd probably think certain black shoes would look nice.

                Also note that, for a straight leg chino, the leg openings on those are looking dangerously close to boot cut. I personally wouldn't wear anything with too slim a profile (e.g. Chucks) with them - I've had the experience that between the less-than-narrow leg opening and the slim shoes, the pants cover most of the shoes, and you end up looking like you're wearing flares. Not very suave looking, imo.