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Blue suits for the summer

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    Blue suits for the summer

    Hi all,

    This is my first time posting. I've been reading the forums for a while. Thanks for all the sartorial wisdom.

    I'm going to a wedding later in the summer and I'm looking around for a new suit. I really like the blues Pete Campbell wears in Mad Men but I've had no luck in finding something in those shades. Any ideas where I could go looking for something in a bright(ish) shade of blue? My budget is < $500.

    This one is a killer shade:

    This one is a little darker:

    Thanks for reading!


    I have seen that top picture before and love that coat. Guy is rocking a few too many accessories for my liking but the rest is spot on.

    They don't have anything quite that shade online but Suit Supply has a pretty good selection of blues. Might need to spring a little for some of the more "electric" shades. Not sure how the in store exactly works for them but supposedly they have a bunch more fabrics in store if you happen to be near the New York area.

    You can read some more reviews on Suit Supply here if anything catches your eye.



      I don't think it'll be of much help but more fashion forward colors seem to always either be more plentiful in the higher end and the lower end. ASOS, on the lower end, has some blue suits ranging from their cheapie cotton suits to some from Ben Sherman that might pass. Just throwing it out there, I've never bought any suit stuff from ASOS. Return policy looks good though.

      The ASOS jackets look silly short, though.



        Thanks for the links. I'm in SF so Suit Supply's NY store is too far unless I happen to visit between now and the end of July.

        This is pretty nice, pity they don't have my size. The brown suede monks go very nicely.

        This one is also great but I might melt in pure wool suit in the summer?

        Any experience with the fit from Lambretta? Their turquoise suit has a great color, but I'm not sure how shaped it is.



          The second one you linked to is one I just picked up. Haven't battle tested it in the heat yet but it is a very thin wool and definitely a spring/summer suit. The blue is definitely not your standard navy suit but is both trendy and versatile. As long as you don't work in the most conservative setting it will be fine. The only thing that makes it a bit not conservative is the ticket pocket.

          What is your size? I usually got 38 suits but went 36 and it fit great.



            I'm in SF too.

            Do you have several other suits? If you do, opting for a light blue or blue sharkskin would be great and very stylish. If you don't, a navy would be more versatile and less memorable, meaning you could wear it more often.